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Name: Call-Me-Kevin
Type: Red and irritated Rogue
Height: 3,097,768 fathoms
Weight: 397,768 gallons of H20
Attack: Deep-sea dive, submerged slap, kelp kick, hook-line sink, purple nurple
Annoyance Factor: x13.5 Allies: Unibouzu, D.W. Cycloptopuss III
Enemies: American Beetle, Slo Feng, Sky Deviler, Mota Naru
Wins/Loses: 0/3

Call-Me-Kevin steal name from origin mysterious. Falling from one ocean to other make memory bad and sadness big. Big red spike creature find ocean ally in Unibouzu. Big sea urchin poor role model and teach even the worse. Do not blame Kevin for bad behavior, when society is reflected in spiky rogue. Call-Me-Kevin lashes out with jokes cruels and enjoyment of not getting the clap of justice Hero.

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