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Dino Kang Jr.

Name: Dino Kang Jr.
Type: Cute, unfriendly Cube creation
Height: 48,000 Pikachu
Weight: 70 doraemon
Disposition: Opinionated squeaker
Attack: Sideline squawk, eyeball claw, bystander gawk
Wins/lose: 0/0
Allies: Dr. Cube, Mommy's pension plan
Enemies: Sky Deviler, Mota Naru, Los Plantanos, Dusto Bunny

After asbestos poison of Dino Kang what can Dr. Cube do? He must the experiments to fabrication of evil replacements. Having the cute utensil at disposal, also Minions to work less than minimum wage. Does Dr. Cube fathering of Dino Junior! Please to not allow cuteness fooling, truly is appendage to evil, also have the tooth and mega nail for extra unfriendly, but very unambitious fighter make warring one-arm playboy paradox.

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