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Dai Hachi Hachi

Name: Dai Hachi Hachi
Japanese Translation: 8th Bee
Type: Wicked flying mystery
Height: 88 stripes
Weight: Always flapping wings and never landed on a scale
Attack: Droning victim, honey I shrunk your lifespan, sting fist of inflammatory pain
Favorite buzzwords: Synergy, embedded, liberty, and freedom
Allies: Nosy Nellies who don't mind their own beeswax
Enemies: ?

What is bugging you? Dai Hachi Hachi has the 8th trick in his arms - but who is the true ally to a bee-man? Team Space Bug answer, but some have the suspicion. Is he in the spying type? Is he in the Posse type? Maybe it is the insects of space who will be getting the stung in the ending.

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