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Uchu Chu the Space Bug

Name: Uchu Chu
Type: Intergalactic pest
Height: 169 meters
Weight: 3100 Insecticide cans
Attack: Hyperspace stinger, cosmic hara, creepy crawler flip, pestilence push punch prod combo
Win/Lose: 6/6
Allies: Mota Naru, Mung Wun, Sky Deviler
Enemies: Dr. Cube, Silver Potato, Los Plantanos, Dusto Bunny

Has no one been scared since Space Invader Game more? Uchu Chu is landed. Most famous of pests from infectious Xertoid, the Space Bug brings hatred for all happiness! Suffer from undersized thorax teasing and illegitimacy from Kimodo Dragon and Cosmic Dragonfly, watch out for psychological jelly junkie baggage of death! Is secret father to American Beetle?

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