Kaiju Big Battel

Limited Edition Sky Deviler Clock, Size is 10 in. Limited to 10, signed and numbered.


Limited Poster for NOLA show, beautifully rendered by Vinne Arnone. Size is 12 x 18 on card stock.



Powa Poster by Rand Borden. 12 x 18 on heavy card stock. Limited to 25 copies


Searching for new duds to wear when you party like a Space Bug? Are you a hot babe looking for shirts with shorter sleeves and a better fit than men's shirts? Well, look no further than this chic Uchu Chu shirt, now on a 100% cotton, black Girlie-T.



Let's all take a moment to celebrate the snack responsible for satisfying good citizens across the globe since early whenever!!! I bring you such noble advice as " Don't fill up on junk like candy and tato chips when you get home from school, eat a Tentacle Wafer and have a glass of milk instead", and "remember the most important room in your house is room for dinner. Now quit your jibba jabba and eat some WAFFER, fool! *defiantly contains peanuts

4 for $4.00

Asorted set of 6, 4 x 6 postcards



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