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A Letter from the Kaiju Commissioner

Up next is Queens, NY on April 4th and than we take the G Train To Brooklyn for Double Danger Time at the Bell House a mere two days later. Tickets to both can be found by clicking on the April 4th poster below. But that is only the beginning as we journey across the Pond to Jolly olde London on May 4th. Oh the new Kaikeshi figures are now in the Mall along with Cube Beenies and shot glasses.

You can thank me later.

and remember be dangerous... but not too dangerous

-Commissioner Louden


quick mall dvd gwn




quick mall

Question of the week?

When was the last show in Philly?

News and Notes

Call-Me-Kevin mulls coming out of retirment.

Who shot American Beetle in Pittsburgh? Experts dissagree.

Silver Potato seriously injured face keeps him on the sidelines.

Hunninaught spotted at Kays looking at engagement rings.

Tadd Braddly turns to the darkside teams with Tucor.

Dr. Cube unusually quite, spends most of his time brooding in his panic room.

Gomiman threatens to return if Obama era clean energy bill is not repealed.



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Dear Dundee,

What is the proper way to eat Candy Corn?

-Hungry in Havana

Dear Hungry,

Step 1. throw it as far as you can.

Step 2. .......

Step 3. have better taste I. Candy . Can I interest you in Dundee's Dingo Droppings?

See y'all in Somerville

Maybe Philly soon



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