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Kaiju, the Road to Civil Wars

The Kaiju Commissioner is thrilled to announce the next four cities to host Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster fighting spectacle. The Kaiju Heroes will be ready to spring into action on March 5th in Toronto, yes the Canadian one. Then, Dr. Cube and his Posse of mischievous mutants will invade Queens, NY for "Knowing is Half the Battel" on March 18 at LaBoom. And if the Kaiju fighters can survive, they will head to sunny Florida on March 31st in Orlando for "Kaiju Civil Wars". But wait there's more we will be in Pittsbug, PA in June for more batteling action.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.


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Kaiju Big Battel's busiest time ever!

The Kaiju Commissioner would like to apologies for the lack of updates but he is too busy to do so. The good news however we are working diligently on visiting Columbus, OH, the west coast and the ever elusive Philly not to mention returning to Boston and Brooklyn. So keep in touch to find out when we will be in your neck of the woods.


Question of the week?

Who wants to go to Disney World?


Super Wrong arrested after refusing to stop twerking

Super Wrong ended up in jail after police said he refused to stop twerking on a car.

Police responded to a noise complaint just after 3 a.m. Saturday, and found the time traveling hero, Super Wrong dancing to loud music at the local Burger Chump.

Super Wrong refused the officersÕ request to turn down his music, and began twerking on a car, according to drive-thru window workers at Burger Chump.

Police gave Super Wrong 15 minutes to comply with a noise warning notice. Super Wrong soon started dancing again, and allegedly told police they could arrest him but said "I'm like a shark, if I stop moving the world will stop grooving".

The officers issued him a citation and handed the paper to him to sign. He crumpled it and threw it at the chest of one of the officers. Super Wrong was then arrested for littering.

News and Notes

French Toast takes leave of absence to stay in Texas and eat BBQ.

Cycloptopuss steals Unicorn Party's Bus for 100 mile, 72 hr police chase in FL.

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Silver Potato celebrates first Birthday in this Dimension

Reports of secret breakaway division gains traction

Unibouzu wants to reform the "Sea Amigos".

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has not been Updated.

Derano seen hobnobing with Necro Butcher

Andy Salbino heads for leg surgery after 1,743 days with out a safety violation.


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Hey there, Kaiju fans! It's your favorite door-to-door woodsman, Senior Announcer, and crack reporter Slice O'Reilly here with the latest installment of what I call the "Kaiju Katch Up!" The combatants in the Big Battel are usually too pre-occupied in the Danger Cage to let us know what's going on in their lives so I - your selfless, trepidation, hirsute hero - have taken it upon himself to risk life & limb & well-manicured beard to delve into the depths of the Kaiju world to get YOU the inside scoop and hot gossip!

So what has The Leauge of Cube's been up to? I have no idea let me get back to you on that.


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