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A Letter from the Kaiju Commissioner

Hello one and all!!! And first and foremost congratulations to our new Grand Champion - Burger Bear. And a big thank you goes out to the great people in Brooklyn, New York for another great show and making No Slumber Till Brooklyn ( we didn' want to get sued) a mammoth success! In addition to the grizzly win by Burger we also have new Tandem Champions in The Sea World Order, I don't think there was a dry eye after that fighto. My condolences go to Super wrong in his loosing effort to Hunninaught and losing his best friend Pink Bear in the process but who knows what will happen next. Speaking of next, Kaiju Big battel has another set of dates all planned out and boys and girls you don't want to miss this. Somerville, Massachusetts you will be treated to a double shot of dangerous proportions. On November 10th we bring to you Once More! But wait there's more, Before the show there will be a tournament to decide who is the world champion of.. THE SUPER WRONG BOARD GAME!! So come early and climb that mountain to immortality. And if that wasn't enough after the show join the Kaiju Big Battel squad in a post show Karaoke party!! That's right , A KAIJU KARAOKE PARTY!!!! Then just when you think that was enough, it never is, is it?, on Sunday November 11th for kids and kids at heart KAIJU TIME FOR KIDS !! Doors at 12 p.m. games prizes and fightos and every kid under 12 will receive 10 Battel Bucks to spend at the Kaiju Merch table!!! Wow what a time to be alive !! And Philadelphia, if you haven't heard the rumors yet do we have an announcement for you, in my next letter to the Kaiju-verse.

Last but not least but maybe a bit east, a big welcome to the new Kaiju MC, Mr. Duke "Wooly" Mammoth Jr. You may remember his father, Commissioner Mammoth, who retired several years ago to teach high school girls basketball in New Hampshire. I believe he will do a fine job as long as he doesn't angle for my job.

Hasta la pasta kiddos

-Commissioner Louden


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quick mall

Question of the week?

When was the last show in Philly?

News and Notes

20,000 year olde RoBox arm discovered on Canadian beach, scientist baffeled, is SDS-1 involved?.

Who shot American Beetle in Pittsburgh? Experts dissagree.

Sea World Order declares "2019 belongs to them!".

Legendary "Agrobat" spoted again in desert outside Las Vegas.

Kid Deviler starts Middle School, eats all classmates homework.

Unicorn Party wins Ballroom dance contest at Grand Egg Retirment Home.

Gomiman threatens to return if Obama era clean energy bill is not repealed.



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Dear Dundee,

What is the proper way to eat Candy Corn?

-Hungry in Havana

Dear Hungry,

Step 1. throw it as far as you can.

Step 2. .......

Step 3. have better taste I. Candy . Can I interest you in Dundee's Dingo Droppings?

See y'all in Somerville

Maybe Philly soon



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