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Party Time!

A Message from the Kaiju Commissioner

We know you're itching to see the danger that comes with a Kaiju Big Battel trust me we are working on it. Until then Follow us on Youtube & Twitch for a semi-weekly Kaiju Binge Streams featuring Fightos from all years. We are constantly trying to bring you new content and hitting the subscribe button will ensure you get to be made aware of it !! We heard your calls for more merch so in addition to the Kaiju Mall, check out our new Prowrestling tees store for exclusive shirts featuring Dr. Cube, French Toast, Dusto Bunny, and Referee Dundee. Each shirt Purchase comes with a surprise video message!!! Thanks for your support and we'll see you soon!!

If you can spare a few dollars please consider buying some Kaiju merch, it's our only source of revenue till the shows restart and we still need to pay the rent. And to those who have been buying stuff from us in the last few months, a big thank you for keeping the lights on.

Remember Monsters are real and danger can happen, so wear the dam mask!!


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quick mall


Kaiju Kaikeshi Sale

We made these green Kaikeshi as exclusives for our live shows and con appearances but due to the state of the world thats not going to happen. We decided to throw caution to the wind and put them up on the web so we can make some money and pay the rent. These luscious lime green guys are limited to 200 sets. We also have a small number of Glow in the Dark sets available.

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Dear Dundee

I'm trying to break a world record, I already failed at longest beard and tallest human to be born after 2002. any tips?

-Record breaker- Rhode Island

Dear Record Breaker,

Thanks for your question and good luck in your endevor. The following records i think are prime for breaking ecspecialy for your geographic location here they are in no particular order:

Most dougnuts consumed on thursday in the second half of a leap year.

Most ambitous resident of a state with an Ironic Name/nickname.

Most Push-ups done in a span of 5 years.

Cheers Mate



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