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A Letter from Commissioner Louden

Hello ladies and gentlemen, It been almost 9 months that Kaiju Big Battel has been under my care and it has been a wild ride indeed. We batteled from sea to sea and across international borders expanding our reach like never before and the new year promises to be more bigger and more better than ever. The year is set to start off in tampa Florida in February and move rapidly across this great nation of ours. Florida, Brooklyn, Queens, Boston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and thats just for starters keep am eye on our social media outlets for updated info and we hope to see you in your town.

On another note the KRC is primarily funded by the fans and their purchases in the Kaiju Mall. Please consider supporting monster containment by picking up some of the new merch on offer, such as the new Trading Cards or Dusto Bunnys T-shirt. And speaking of t-shirts keep a look out for the New Burger Bear Shirt coming in a few short weeks. And while I don't like to promote the evil that is Dr. Cube his new Pill Shirt is quite appealing, something Kaneda might even wear.

Enough plugs for now remember, Stay safe...but not to safe.

Commissioner Louden

P.S. Philly peeps, we know your pain, we are working on it, keep the faith!


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Question of the week?

Will Trumps Tax Bill put us under?

News and Notes

Tadd Braddly set to return from 6 year vacation.

Scab #1 has first name discovered by dropped license in locker room... it's Blackleg

Tikirilla out for 6 to 8 weeks due to head lice.

Legendary "Agrobat" spoted again on western Mass farm.

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has not been Updated.

Derano attacks cyclist who interrupts his daily bread feeding.

Slo Feng jumps lesser known Venti Canyon on his Motorcycle, says he will jump Trenta Canyon soon.

Dr. Cube "accidentally" releases swarm of feral parakeets into Boston subway. Service unaffected.



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Cube Study Group Releases Report

The Cube Study Group, a non-partisan committee of diplomats, Kaiju experts, Dangerticians, and former KRC agents, has issued a report lambasting the Commissioner Louden's efforts to control Dr. Cube. According to the report, the Cube containment effort is "grave and deteriorating. There is no path that can guarantee success, but the prospects can be improved." Specifically the CSG's report suggests the Commissioner Louden needs to "pull his head out of his Butter Battle Book," and try a new strategy for countering Cube's campaign of evil against every man, woman, child, and Santa. Commissioner Louden has resisted a change in tactics however, saying "I will not stop, I cannot stop, until the Heroes pop Cube's top!"


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Secret Satan

If there's one thing Dr. Cube cares about more than anything (other than mayhem, murder, chaos, destruction, and world domination), it's the kids. That's why ever year he sends out his number one henchman Hell Monkey to play Secret Satan to all the underprivileged kids out there. What exactly is Secret Satan? Well it's just like a Secret Santa, but instead of getting a toy, kids get a visit from Hell Monkey, and instead of giving them joy he gives them an antifreeze lobotomy, and a lifetime of zombie servitude as one of Cube's mindless Minions!