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A Letter from the Kaiju Commissioner

Hello Kaiju Faithful, a lot has happened since my last message, Unicorn Party's sudden retirement Party followed by his decision to try his hand in professional wrestling against human type pepole. The resurrection of Bear Ranger and her joining Dr. Cubes Posse. Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder returning to the Hero's as well as the Kaiju Big Battel of Bourbon Street in NOLA, what great half of a year it's been. That being said we ain't done yet!!! On October 7th at The Bell House in Brooklyn New York join us for a Pajama party the likes that have never been seen before as Kaiju Big Battel Brings you "No Slumber Till Brooklyn", I guarantee you that new champions will be crowned on this night !!! If that's not enough, Somerville Massachusetts I know you're used to one night of action at the illustrious Once Ballroom, but are you ready for TWO NIGHT OF MONSTER FIGHTO ACTION?!?!? Well, one night and an afternoon. Because on November 10 and 11 there will be 2 "NIGHTS" OF MONSTER FIGHTING ACTION!!!! More details will be available shortly. Philly fans.......... Keep waiting we are trying to fill that void "wink wink"

Thank you for being the greatest fans and because of that our line of Muscle Men inspired action figures are now officially in production and will be made available at our events and shopping mall in due time. We are still investigating the shooting of American Beetle unfortunately one of our witnesses is on the lamb, Lead Kaiju Announcer Mario Bueno is not answering call of Pittsburgh Police or other Kaiju officials.

We'll see everyone October 7th 3pm doors fightos start at 4

And remember, Stay safe...but not to safe.

-Commissioner Louden


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Question of the week?

Is Referee Dundee a licenced theripist?

News and Notes

20,000 year olde RoBox arm discovered on Canadian beach, scientist baffeled, is SDS-1 involved?.

Who shot American Beetle in Pittsburgh? Experts dissagree.

Sea World Order declares "2019 belongs to them!".

Legendary "Agrobat" spoted again in desert outside Las Vegas.

Kid Deviler starts Middle School, eats all classmates homework.

Unicorn Party wins Ballroom dance contest at Grand Egg Retirment Home.

Gomiman threatens to return if Obama era clean energy bill is not repealed.



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Dear Dundee,

I've been an emotional wreck lately as I have been victim of identity Fraud. All of my money has been stolen. Meanwhile my dead beat ex, Dave, has Suddenly been able to get himself out of debt and said he would loan me some money at minimal interest, I love him so much what a nice guy. I'm going to forgive him for all the time I accused him of stealing from my parents . What should I do Dundee about this ID fraud??

-Bankrupt Bianca

Dear Bianca,

Ummmmmmmmmmm. You seem like a level headed woman. The parallels between ID fraud and Dave's sudden change of luck are very suspicious. But hey if he's offering low interest keep that boy around. And while your keeping him around call the police give them his computer and phone, press charges and get your money back. He did it let me say it more clearly DAVE STOLE YOUR MONEY AND ID. Now there is a certain member of the Kaiju Big Battel roster who is great with money let me introduce you to Gambling Bug.




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