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Title - Mota Vs. Sky

Team Space Bug has never been known for its cohesion. If Dr. Cube’s Posse is the late 90’s Yankees, then Team Space Bug is the 1986 Red Sox: 4 monsters, 4 cabs. The Space Bugs are just as likely to be squabbling as teaming up against the Kaiju Heroes. Team Space Bug’s habitual wrangling is best exemplified by its top tag team: Mota Naru and Sky Deviler.

Mota Naru and Sky Deviler have always been a formidable team. Mota’s rock hard carapace and Sky Deviler’s razor-sharp teeth combine with deadly results and powerful moves. In fact, the only thing stopping these two from dominating the tag-team scene is their complete and total inability to work together.

The root of Mota and Deviler’s conflict is most likely their mutual admiration of Uchu Chu. Both were rather unsuccessful before Uchu Chu rescued them and drafted them into his horde of insectoid marauders. Like elementary school nerds showing off for the teacher, each desperately wants to be Uchu’s favorite. Whenever things go badly in Battel, they turn on each other, eager to place the blame. When its time to make the pin, they both want to end the Battel so Uchu can see--as if they were going to get a big shiny blue star above their cubby.

An example of their intra-team backbiting occurred at the Singapore War Battel when the two were fighting D.W. Cycloptopuss III and Call-Me-Kevin in a rematch of their Roxy Ruckus brawl. After easily disposing of six-eyed Call-Me-Kevin, they began to argue over who was going to make the pin. As an embarrassed Uchu Chu looked on, his two fiercest warriors began to beat each other about the thoraxes. Eventually, the two delivered a pair of colossal clotheslines to each other, leaving them both unconscious. The sea team easily scored the victory, proving that there is no I in ‘winning team.’*

* Editors’ Note: There are two ‘I’s in ‘winning team.’