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Throwback to the year 2006!

A Letter from the Kaiju Commissioner

Hello Big Battel faithful, I hope you're prepared for some huge devastating news . Let's just jump right into it. June 10-11 Kaiju Big Battel will be debuting at Five Points fest in green point Brooklyn. Then just three weeks later At the Brooklyn Bellhouse it's your favorite tradition Halloween Beach Party! Then it's back to Tampa to see our friends at Metrocon. That's not enough? Well ... that's all I can say for now but there will be more news soon enough

and remember be dangerous... but not too dangerous

-Commissioner Dundee


quick mall










quick mall

Cycloptopuss Gets Stuck

Jan. 8 (KBN) -- Firefighters in Chicago responded to a motel to extract Cycloptopuss's head from inside a metal tea kettle.

The firefighters said Cycloptopuss bet his fellow Sea World Order members that he could put his head inside. When he stuck his head inside the metal container he was unable to remove it.

Is Is Elskan and Sku'illra summoned firefighters to their room and the crew set about carefully cutting through the metal. The firefighters said it took about a half hour to remove the kettle. Cycloptopuss was not seriously injured nor did his friends pay him the five dollars due.

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Metal Wing Black Music review

Hey gang if looking for something to  rock to, something to roll with, then look to more check out the heros of sound the deliverers of tune this review is all about....... Tom Waites. Listen Now!!

Metal Wing out



Dear Dundee

I'm trying to learn a new skill but im not really good at much. What do you think I should try? I have a P.H.D. in psychology, A masters in Modern Medicne. and an associates in Liberal Arts.

-Thanks, Trying in Texas

Dear Trying,

This may come as a shock, with your education being what it is, The world needs more Baristas. Wanna try that? wanna be a Barista? hmm? Do Ya?

See y'all in Brooklyn

and Tampa soon



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