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Title - Roxy Ruckus

From the start, Kaiju Roxy Ruckus promised to be an explosive evening for the citizens of Boston. As the doors opened, the lucky few holding special passes from passed through a series of security checkpoints before entering the all new Kaiju Danger Zone. At the behest of the Commissioner this exclusive viewing area was created to bring fans of the Big Battel closer to the action than ever before. But as the Danger Zone crowd soon found out, the proximity to the action is not without its drawbacks. Before the evening drew to a close the Danger Zone was doused in toxic sludge, barraged with trash, invaded by high flying monsters, and sprayed with sleeping serum and seaweed.

Surface to Air Battel: Mota Naru & Sky Deviler Defeated Call-Me-Kevin & Cycloptopuss

In the weeks leading up to Roxy Ruckus, tensions between Kaiju's sea creatures and space faring monsters were running high. Many observers saw this Battel as an extension of the evening's Fight for the Right match between Unibouzu, the spikey urchin, and Uchu Chu, leader of Team Space Bug. Others saw in this conflict a fundamental clash of the elements: water vs air. Whatever the case may have been, one thing was clear -- both teams were determined to claim the first victory of the evening.

As the Battel raged, Call-Me-Kevin's spikey forearms tore through the ranks of the Space Bugs. However the advantage was not maintained, as Cycloptupuss' long absence from action began to manifest itself in a lackluster performance. Mota Naru and Sky Deviler were quick to exploit this weakness, and eventually subdued the creatures from the deep. However, after a mild disagreement over delivery of the final pin, Team Space Bug allowed their victory celebration to disintegrate into intra-team squabbling that eventually saw Mota Naru brutally attack his omnivorous teammate.

American Trash Match: Gomi-man Defeated American Beetle by KO

As a defender of all things wholesome and good, the American Beetle arrived at Roxy Ruckus determined to put an end to the destruction of the United States' environment at the hands of Dr. Cube and his green-house gas emitting, watershed polluting, toxic sludge producing Posse. To answer this threat, Cube dispatched his own personal trash heap, Gomi-man, to do away with the jingoistic pugilist in the messiest manner possible. With Cube looking on at ringside Gomi-man opened the Battel by pummeling Beetle with bags of trash, fresh from Jersey's finest land fills, before showering the brave humans in the Danger Zone with the refuse.

When American Beetle began to falter, the crowd at the Roxy seemed determined to rejuvenate their hero. As chants of "U-S-A" rang out the Beetle staged an impossible comeback. However just as he looked to gain the upper hand, Cube's Minions delivered a barrel of toxic sludge to Gomi-man, who then showered American Beetle, as well as the Danger Zone crowd, with the radioactive contents. This dastardly attack left American Beetle completely incapacitated and in critical condition at a local medical facility.

Fight for the Right: Uchu Chu Defeated Unibouzu

Both Unibouzu and Uchu Chu entered this Battel looking for a chance to compete for the Championship Belt at Kaiju Rampage New York. Adding to the drama, at the last minute Louden Noxious announced that the Battel was being fought with special "All Weapons Allowed" rules, by special order of the Commissioner.

Early on, the Battel was closely matched, with Unibouzu taking advantage of a large metal girder to gain a slight edge over the Space Bug. Uchu Chu however showed amazing resilience, surviving blows from a war-hammer, a fall from the top of the Danger Cage, and countless impalements on Unibouzu's spikey carapace. Eventually the Space Bug would turn the corner on Uni with a series of high flying maneuvers and explosive reversals, finally making the pin to guarantee a match against the winner of the Hell Monkey - Silver Potato Battel.

Superstar Tag-Team Contest: Dr. Cube's Posse: Napalean & Super Dimensional Slug 1 Defeated Los Plantanos

Los Plantanos rode an incredible winning streak into the Roxy Ruckus. The twins' recent record included particular success against Dr. Cube's Posse, having defeated various monster of Cube's creation at the previous two Battels. Perhaps this success explained the casual demeanor of Pablo and Pedro who arrived in Boston straight from a Caribbean vacation -- over-fed, under-trained, and completely unprepared for Battel. Looking to capitalize on the slovenly Plantains, Dr. Cube debuted two powerful new monsters for this Battel: the WWII-era scientific abomination known as Super Dimensional Slug - 1 and the towering monster Napalean.

Most Kaiju pundits would agree that this match should have been an easy victory for Los Plantanos. Dr. Cube had problems from the onset controlling SDS-1. His reverse-engineered control mechanism failed early on, and he spent most of the Battel struggling to gain dominion over the time and space traveling slug. But even with Napalean facing a two on one situation, Los Plantanos were simply too out of shape to score the victory. Eventually the brothers fell victim to Napalean's Nap-mist, collapsing into deep sleep, and facing defeat for the first time in over a year.

Kaiju Big Battel Championship Bout: Silver Potato Defeated Hell Monkey

With Roxy Ruckus drawing to a close, the Heroes of Kaiju Big Battel were looking defeated and dejected. With Dr. Cube's Posse and Team Space Bug claiming all the victories for the evening, it fell on Silver Potato's shoulders to put an end to the evil. This would be no easy task though, as Kaiju's master-manipulator, Dr. Cube, had managed to arrange for his prized creation, Hell Monkey to face the Champion. As the Battel began both Monkey and Potato had their share of success. As the conflict raged, Silver Potato attempted to use his B-Boy skills to out wit the demonic simian. Much to the surprise of all in attendance Hell Monkey retaliated with some moves of his own and an impromptu breakin' contest broke out.

As the Battel returned to less refined modes of aggression, Silver Potato realized that his might alone could not defeat Hell Monkey. In a stroke of brilliance the Spudster used a damaged section of the Danger Cage to subdue Hell Monkey, leaving him caged in the middle of the ring. With his opponent incapacitated, Potato then went to the the top of the Danger Cage, where he delivered his patented Au Gratin Kick followed by the easy pin to retain the Kaiju Big Battel Championship Belt, setting up a long awaited rematch against Uchu Chu the Space Bug at Kaiju Rampage New York.