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Hello Baby Sky Deviler

Name: Baby Sky Deviler
Type: Infant Space Eater
Height: 1 space crib
Weight: 1/150 the weight of the late Sky Deviler
Attack: The Full Diaper Load, Spinning Spit-up Surprise, Crying - constant, endless, merciless, ear-shattering Crying
Eats: Anything, as long as it's pureed
Allies: Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle
Enemies: None - everybody loves babies

When the Sky Deviler dies, repeated he very classified with the apparatus of the egg of the area of Battel. As for prophesy you said that most powerful creative one of Battel become true the monster that of the egg resist large are. Because of this doctor of Kubus you stole the considered egg, were the Sky Deviler of the baby born. But as for Kubus it is with Soup foiled, now the assassin Soup hitches hike the Sky Deviler of the Baby as its himself student is possible.

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