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Hero Intern

Name: Hero Intern
Type: Aspiring Do-gooder
Height: 5'8" with heeled boots
Weight: 160lbs, maybe
Attack: GPA drop; gopher it; up-up down-down left-right left-right A B
Career lesson: It helps to know people in high places.
Course Credit: Not available.
Allies: Neo Teppen, Pedro Plantain, American Beetle
Enemies: Giii, Vegetius, Call-Me-Kevin
Wins/losses: 3/1

The intern of the Hero is the extreme Hero of Kaiju and so you want... but he becomes has not risen in regard to ranking hugely and stand yet! That after expressing, the summary resume which is full with behavior verb him was employed the eye of Kaiju director, in the hero of the training program, caught (for the only course confidence). The coffee is taken, in spite even in the quick success where badness it fights cocky attitude led star sailor pirate to the defeat which crushes with Giii directly. Now, the intern of attitude and the Hero who increased with Hero insufficient favor it comes returning. Does he achieve the state of the Hero full-time? It waits the life and complete medical science and dentistry advantage of venture!

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