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Mota Naru

Name: Mota Naru
Type: Space bug of liquid fire
Height: 7 circles of hell
Weight: 7 molten tons
Attack: Fists of incredible heat, the ego trip, frontal solar flare, hot poke
Win/Lose: 3/6
Allies: Uchu Chu, Sky Deviler, Atomic Cannon
Enemies: Dr. Cube, Sentai Jin, Silver Potato, Los Plantanos

Mota Naru being source of atomic ants and elementally flamers of outer space. Can traveling world in lava rivers under crusty land. Helping Uchu Chu stole space shuttle and they are friends. Is hotheaded strong one of Team Space Bug. Sometimes too hot for own goodness and burns himself heated poking but is always being designated driver at holiday roadblocks.

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