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Title - Dead Meat 1

It was David versus Goliath: Dr. Cube's most massive beast at the time, the lumbering Multimoog, was pitted against small, shrewd Hero Slo Feng. Although not the most intelligent of Cube's Posse, the gigantic Moog was billed as the strongest, most powerful city-crushing monster in Cube's ranks. Multimoog was so massive he had trouble getting into the ring! Sadly, he had trouble getting out of the ring too. Dr. Cube's gigantic beast never made it out alive.
After Jingi slapped the mat and yelled "Fighto," Slo Feng sprang to life. He immediately drew a pistol, which supposedly belonged to his late grandfather, and squeezed the trigger. But the antique gun misfired and Slo Feng swiftly adopted a fighting stance. After a quick calculation, Slo Feng rushed Moog, throwing one well-placed punch — a punch that pierced Moog's chest. Like an action-adventure Hero in a temple of doom, Feng proceeded to remove a chunk of Moog's still-beating heart. The giant monster dropped to the floor and never stood up again.

The crowd was shocked. After trying to resuscitate the blood-gushing beast, Louden Noxious frantically called for an impromptu commercial break. By the time the advertisement finished, Cube's Minions had dragged Moog out of the ring and carefully collected all of the pink beast’s body parts in black plastic trash bags. Once again, David had won the Battel.