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Slo Feng

Name: Slo Feng
Type: Hairy viking-type hero
Height: .45 kilometers
Weight: 233 smorgasboards
Attack: The bjorn, Swedish stench stance, umlaut confusion
Win/Lose: 2/27
Allies: Force Trooper Robo, Los Plantanos
Enemies: Atomic Cannon, Mota Naru, Dino Kang Jr.

Kick from out of Sweden for parts in many big and tall story of heroics and leaking dams, Slo Feng grow to fight evil forces. Is special disproving tradition of smart good superman type. Resemble strong odor, hairy super-trooper food group type. Seen pillage with might tenderizah in evil camps in Scandinavia. Thriller seeker for life known many adventures plus misadventures too.

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