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Title - Kaijuology

The Super Wrong Phenomenon

Have you heard the word about Super Wrong? Well, ever since Mayday! May Day! Boston SOS! the world had been gripped by this one-man disco-dancing Kaiju phenomenon. Like his flamboyant entrance into the Danger Cage, Super Wrong has danced right into our lives - and our hearts.

super wrong fanThe Super Wrong phenomenon has infiltrated almost every aspect of our culture. On the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York, models are sporting fluffy yellow wigs. Fashion Houses have declared purple the new orange (which, of course, was the new black). Spandex body suits are flying off the shelves throughout Europe. Men are exposing their chests like never before, with plunging, nipple-revealing V-necks.

In entertainment, Super Wrong is rumored to be the next American Idol celebrity judge (network execs are only worried that home viewers will be tempted to vote for Super Wrong instead of the contestants). John Travolta is currently pitching his 4th comeback feature, where he would costar with Super Wrong as an alien, disco-dancing, gangster who likes to ride a mechanical bull in a bubble suit.

In politics, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps hoping to distract from his abysmal job performance, has held several closed-door meetings with Super Wrong to prepare flashier, more elaborate press conference entrances. President Bush has remarked that Super Wrong would "fit in perfectitiously" in his administration. Super Wrong has also been approached by John Kerry's people about sharing the Democratic ticket. Even Ralph Nader briefly hopped aboard the bandwagon, selecting "Yatta" as his campaign song, before dropping it after its infectious groove was linked to several dancing-related injuries including sprained ACLs, busted booties, and the debilitating LGN (loose-as-a-goose neck).

In the world of business, confetti-manufacturing futures have skyrocketed. Major corporations have been seeking out Super Wrong for endorsement deals, including a 18 million dollar pact with Pepsi, and a sneaker deal with British Knights. At this rate, Super Wrong way soon become the wealthiest monster in Kaiju Big Battel, just squeeking by Dino Kang Jr (pun intended).

Super Wrong's origins, motivations, and true identity remain a mystery, but one thing is clear. Super Wrong is more than a Kaiju Hero. He is a phenomenon.

Scientifically yours,
Dr. Jane Geertz

Dr. Jane Geertz is the world's foremost Kaijuologist and an expert on Kaiju behavior.