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Kaiju Big Battel
Save the Kaiju

Save the Kaiju!

Kung Fu Chicken Noodle helps Feds bust Illegal Mahjong Ring

In his first week of taking on the mantel of Kaiju Hero, Soup has helped bust a group of grannies who were running an underground gambling den. The authorities report that said "grannies" were running crooked games of bridge, bingo, and mahjong. They were ripping off young urban hipsters to fuel there over the top Hummel addiction. "Its sad really " said Chief McDoogle "Dumb kids being taken by greedy eldsters but it happens all the time. Thanks to the help from Soup there is one less gang on the streets" Soup refused to comment and left the scene to follow up on the reported heist of a truck full of Cuponk games

Tshirt Sale at the Kaiju Mall and New Bootlegs!

For the next 24 hours, the Kaiju Mall will feature a $10 sale on all Tshirt orders! Thats right, every Tshirt in the Kaiju Mall will be discounted to $10. Keep in mind that there will only be a select number of shirts on sale for each design, so act quickly! Also, for those itching to add to there Official Bootleg collection, two new Bootlegs have been added to the mall! Final Fighto and Ruckus in the Cage have been added to the Bootleg DVD selection! With these two new selections you get a little bit of the old school and a little bit of recent monster mayhem! To buy these DVDs, scroll to the bottom of the DVD page, add the Bootleg DVD item at the bottom of the page and select which DVD you want form the pulldown menu. Make sure to keep checking back for more DVDs, and make sure to add Kaiju on Twitter and Facebook for more killer deals!


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Metal Wing Black not happy with American Beetle

During Save the Kaiju, American Beetle took on new Posse leader Hell Monkey in a match that will be long remembered. That isn't all that will be remembered however, as Metal Wing Black showed his displeasure with American Beetles use of his guitar, Jiro Betallica. "The dude said he was just going to borrow it for a street preformance", says Metal Wing. "Next thing I know he's in the ring swinging my guitar around like it's a baseball bat. Do you know how long it took me to tune that thing?! Not cool man, not cool." American Beetle has yet to comment on the incident. but we will keep you updated.

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