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Sky Deviler

Hungry as a Hippo

Although a surly blue monster, Sky Deviler seems strikingly familiar to many young Americans. That's because Deviler bears an uncanny resemblance to the pudgy, obnoxious, mouth-stuffed-with-hot-dogs "token fat guy" in American teen-comedy movies. Y'know, those obese dudes who're kinda funny being bulbous and sweaty and all but not nearly funny enough to be major characters.

Kaiju Big Battel's own token fatso, Sky Deviler was discovered by archeologists in the Arizona desert. Found inside a bluish glowing egg-pod, Sky Deviler's shelled embryo fell to Earth during a meteor shower. When the egg hatched, the team of anthropologists was standing around the egg; at that very same moment, Sky Deviler happened to be picking his nose.* When the baby extra-terrestrial realized an audience had seen him digging for gold, he became embarrassed and impulsively electrocuted everyone around, except for one scientist whose rainbow suspenders made him look stupider than a nose-picking monster. In retrospect, that incident was Sky Deviler's greatest moment: since that initial surge of electricity, Deviler hasn't impressed a soul.

Not surprisingly, Deviler's uncontrollable appetite strains his relations with many members of Team Space Bug. The locker room opinion of the blue beast is that if he could keep his unclosing mouth shut, he might be able to improve his skill in the ring. But the members of Team Space Bug are doubtful...

*In case you're wondering, Sky Deviler doesn't have a nose anymore because big blue alien beasts lose their noses during puberty, right after their baby teeth. And yes, there's a nose fairy.

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