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Sept 23, 2011
Kaiju Big Battel Announces Wistle Stop Tour!

Kaiju Express: Non Stop To Danger!

with Special Guest From Tokyo, Japan: Munenori Sawa

Kaiju Big Battel brings their live monster mayhem to the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, October 14th. If your intown for NYComicon you won't want to miss this. The first stop on Kaiju Big Battel's "Kaiju Express" Witness the unstoppable hate-train of Dr. Cube as he attempts to derail American BeetleÍs championship dreams.

See gastlly giants and massive monsters in awesome fighting action!

Join fan favorites Pablo Plantain, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, and American Beetle as they take on Dr. Cube and his evil posse. But you better be quick as this is likely to sell out fast.

$18 advance - $20 day of show! ALL AGES! Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY

"Last Stop: Danger" in Philadelphia, PA!

Special Guest From Tokyo, Japan: Munenori Sawa returns for a second night.

Thats right its not over yet folks, Kaiju Big Battel brings its live monster mayhem to Union Transfer on Sunday, October 16th. So be prepared for out of this world action when the Heroic fighters of Kaiju continue their fight against the monsters of Dr. Cube's posse!

Be there as one of Philly's newest and coolest concert venue crumbles to the ground as Kaiju Big Battel Presents: "Last Stop: Danger"

Join Cycloptopuss, Yarsminko, American Beetle and the nefarious Dr. Cube as we witness these city crushing monsters battle in the Kaiju Big Ring, right before your very eyes! But beware, only the the bravest souls will be allowed in the Danger Zone! Do you have what it takes to survive? If so, don't miss this show!

$20! ALL AGES! Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA, 19123

April 9, 2008
Most Danger Spring!
The Kaiju Commissioner is thrilled to announce the next three cities to host Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster wrestling spectacle. The Kaiju Heroes will be ready to spring into action on May 10th at the Roxy in the heart of Boston. Then, Dr. Cube and his Posse of mischievous mutants will invade downtown Philadelphia on June 1st at the Trocadero. And if Kaiju Grand Champion, Call-Me-Kevin, can survive, he will defend his Kaiju Championship title June 7th at Webster Hall in Manhattan.
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February 28, 2008
The Return of the Kaiju Danger Cage!
After selling out Manhattan's Webster Hall, Kaiju Big Battel's More Better Fighto Tour continues with a precarious pit-stop in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, March 29th at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. For one night only, 1,200 bloodthirsty spectators will witness the return of the fabled Kaiju Danger Cage. This performance is Kaiju Big Battel's first New England performance in over a year. So don't you dare miss it and be sure to buy your tickets early for Kaiju's debut at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel!
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January 8, 2008
Kaiju Big Battel Escapes to New York on Feb. 9th
After conquering the Warsaw in Brooklyn, Kaiju Big Battel will invade Webster Hall on Saturday, February 9th. This night of live monster wrestling will showcase Kaiju favorites, Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, Call-Me-Kevin. Uchu Chu the Space Bug, and Dr. Cube plus 45 blocks of crushable cityscape primed for destruction. The upcoming Big Battel, dubbed "New York Blackout" will also feature the debut of the Kaiju Commissioner's latest, potentially greatest, live Big Battel concept to date: the Black Box. The Black Box initiative is so powerful that it could potentially revolutionize the live monster wrestling industry. As a result, no footage of this groundbreaking experiment will be released to the public. In fact, the only way to witness this monumental moment in Kaiju history is to be there live, as one of 1,200 lucky spectators.
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October 23, 2007
Kaiju Big Battel Rocks Bloc Party "Flux" Video
Watch for Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster spectacle, as they appear in the video for UK's beloved Bloc Party. Directed by Ace Norton, the video for Bloc Party's new single 'Flux' was made over the course of two days in Boston with Kaiju favorites Unibouzu, Vegetius, TheGrudyin, Giii the Space Pirate, and the ever so awesome, Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder.
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October 10, 2007
Kaiju Big Battel returns with More Better Fighto
In support of Kaiju Big Battel's latest DVD release, More Better Fighto, the Kaiju Commissioner is proud to announce the Big Battel's return to NYC. A full-scale Kaiju Big Battel will take place at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, November 9th. This all-star Big Battel will feature classic fighters including Dr. Cube, Pedro Plantain and Call-Me-Kevin, plus eight brand spanking new combatants. This momentous night of live monster wrestling will inaugurate a year of awesome events to support Kaiju Big Battel's More Better Fighto DVD release.
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August 1, 2007
Marmit Debuts Kaiju Big Battel Toy!
Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster spectacle, announces the release of its first monster toy (Sky Deliver), produced in collaboration with Marmit, Japan's leading manufacturer of vinyl monster toys.
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January 21, 2007
Kaiju to Shoot Live TV Pilot at Avalon Boston on February 21st
Massachusetts, come on down! Be a part of television history as Boston's own Kaiju Big Battel films their acclaimed live show for a TV pilot. Don't miss your chance to join Dr. Cube and the rest of the Kaiju combatants at Avalon Boston on February 21st, when G4 TV captures the night's live performance for television screens across America.
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September 26, 2006
Monsters Mash Avalon Boston on October 20th
In celebration of its second season on G4 TV's Action Blast, Kaiju Big Battel [sic] returns to Avalon Boston to star in Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII on Friday, October 20th. Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII promises to be the biggest Shpadoinkel Mania ever!
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July 4, 2006
Monsters Return to Deatroy NYC on August 4th
The live spectacle of Kaiju Big Battel returns to New York to headline Warsaw on Friday, August 4th for Kaiju Big Battel: All Out War. Kaiju's highly anticipated return will feature thirty-three blocks of crushable cityscape (including the Empire State building), 2 Kaiju Jumbotrons, the fan favorite Danger Zone (a Double-Dare-inspired audience participation area), and over twenty Kaiju fighters including favorites, Dr. Cube, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Pedro Plantain, and the evil Silver Potato. And wait, there's more: very special musical guests Peelander-Z will kick off the spectacle with their acclaimed "Japanese action comic punk" rock show.
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March 8, 2005
Brace Yourself for Kaiju Big Battel's Shocking Truth
Shocking Truth, the follow-up to the 2003 DVD national cult sensation Terebi Sento, draws audiences into the underbelly of the Kaiju Big Battel Universe. Encapsulating years of in-ring monster mayhem and ongoing storylines, Shocking Truth will thrill both new and longtime fans, with its patented mix of action and comedy. Experience from the safety of your home what thousands of awe-struck fans have witnessed at Kaiju events nationwide and what Spin Magazine calls "An elaborate and athletic celebration of silliness... Part WWE SmackDown, part Saturday Night Live sketch."
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August 5, 2004
Kaiju Big Battel Comes to California for Tinsel Town Showdown on September 8th
After sold-out East Coast Battels, Kaiju Big Battel is set to make its Los Angeles debut with its largest, most elaborate event ever--Kaiju Big Battel: Tinsel Town Showdown-- at Avalon on September 8th, 2004. Come experience the national cult phenomenon known as Kaiju Big Batttel as a hoard of monsters, aliens, and Heroes conspire to bring the city of Los Angeles to its knees through urban destruction, white-knuckled action, and seismic surprises. Tinsel Town Throwdown will also feature Kaiju Jumbotrons, the patented Kaiju Danger Cage, and over 40 blocks of crushable cityscape.
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April 2, 2004
Kaiju Big Battel Kicks off its 2004 Goodwill Tour at the New Museum in New York City, Thursday, April 15th 2004
Kaiju's 2004 Goodwill Tour kicks off Thursday April 15th at the New Museum in NYC, and the Kaiju Commissioner has just announced an exciting addition to the event lineup. Besides the already announced Kaiju appearances, a book signing by Dr. Cube, and free Kaiju giveaways, the New Museum event will also feature a sneak-peak of the newest Kaiju featurette, What Is Kaiju? Be the first to see the future of Kaiju video while enjoying some free Kaiju goodies! And even if you can't make it to the event, be sure to check out the window display at 583 Broadway during the week, featuring never-before-seen-footage from the next Kaiju Big Battel DVD release.
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March 25, 2004
Kaiju Big Battel Returns to Boston at Avalon on May 1st
Kaiju Big Battel returns home! The first Kaiju Big Battel in Boston in almost a year and a half will take place at Avalon on Saturday, May 1st. Be among the capacity crowd to witness 20-plus monsters, alien beasts, and Heroes, as WFNX presents Kaiju Big Battel in May Day! Mayday! Boston SOS!
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February 19, 2004
Kaiju Book Release Event at Kidrobot NYC on March 4th
In celebration of Kaiju Big Battel's first step on the pulp planet, Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters, the Kaiju Commissioner has planned a special event for Kaiju's NYC fans at Kidrobot in SoHo. Hosted by the word's premier destination for limited edition Urban Toys, the release event will feature an autograph session with Kaiju monsters, including a rare public appearance by Dr. Cube.
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January 21, 2004
Kaiju Debut Book in Stores Feb 11th; Release Concert at Paradise Lounge
Kaiju brings the monster mayhem of its sold-out live shows to libraries and bookstores across America with its debut book, Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters. And to celebrate, the Kaiju Commissioner is throwing a music-filled gala for Kaiju's hometown fans featuring The Lot Six and Star Star Quarterback.
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