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Atomic Trooper Robo

Name: Atomic Trooper Robo
Type: Round radioactive hero
Height: 170 meters
Weight: 278 metric tons
Disposition: Calculated risk taker
Attack: Flying atomic double-kick, wire whip, handlebar hold, super head butt
Win/Lose: 26/4
Allies: Force Trooper Robo, Silver Potato, Sentai Jin
Enemies: Dr. Cube, Uchu Chu, Sky Deviler, Cycloptopuss

Who fights goodest fight? Atomic Trooper Robo is famous hero fighter. The teen time he was famous of bicycle all racing and tricks. One day betty-favorite and next day then terrible accident, nearly the killing freestylee youngster. Saving life, doctors give him robot body and round helmet for safe. Fighting evil with other Troopers is all the more good.

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