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Power Ranjura

Name: Powa Ranjuru
Type: Angelic super heroine type
Height: Variable vinyl type omega leap sneakers
Weight: Junior bantam wieght
Age: 17
Style: Timely fashion
Attack: "Mallet Protector" beat down, air jordan face plant, little brother squish, ultra-pain back hand
Allies: Atomic Trooper, Silver Potato, Dusto Bunny
Enemies: Sky Deviler, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Dr. Cube

Powa Ranjuru is the cutest fairy type flying girl. She has "Mallet Protector," frighten all the evil monsters. A heavenly meteor exploded near her run away tree house. Inside she found White Special Flying Wings in a glowing box. When wearing the retrofitted homemade grandma red mask, teenaged girl can growing to extra large tallness. Capable red mask vision picks up all channels includes pricey movie stations and arriving always to save endangered hero just about time!

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