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Dusto Bunny

Name: Dusto Bunny
Type: Unclean home result hero
Height: One billion dust mites
Weight: 64 tons (mostly fluff)
Attack: Bunny stomp, lucky foot kick, jack rabbit hammer punch
IQ: Einstein, but better at math
Win/Lose: 8/8
Allies: Silver Potato, Los Plantanos, Atomic Cannon Enemies: No enemies, but susceptible to Swiffer™ mops.

Schoolgirls make enormous screaming. Furious Fuzzy Terror. Many times ago, discovery by Kaiju agent eating stuffing under most hideous dingy sofa. Owing to loneliness, becoming great Kaiju sage for golden answer eggs. Confucious inspire. Knowing all questions and all answers, mind is strongly like kicks from hind legs. Origins in housecleaning absence granting fuzzy logic, habits of jack rabbit and mighty dust ball form to Dusto Bunny.

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