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American Beetle

Name: American Beetle
Type: Boxing-skill electoral hero
Height: 629 ballots
Weight: 6 tons (easily inflatable)
Attack: Running for second term; presidential pounce, one arm back stab
Win/Lose: 6/7
Allies: Silver Potato, Sentai Jin, Slo Feng
Enemies: Uchu Chu, Atomic Cannon, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle

American Beetle is champion boxer displays American-style courage and punching skill. Unfortunately also is unpleasant disposition. He thinks was famous American president. Face is distinctive with the bug-type look, of genus Sludgfundus Twofacednus, but is ugly because is five hundred foot tall boxing insect. Having gloves made from steel and also bondo. Last sighting was bugging Oval Office.

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