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Force Trooper Robo

Robo Trooper FAQ's

Are all the Robo Troopers brothers?
No, contrary to popular belief, the Robo Troopers are not brothers. Before becoming Robo Troopers, they each lead separate lives in different parts of the world.

Who is the strongest Robo Trooper?
Although Force Trooper Robo can lift more weight than Atomic Trooper, Atomic Trooper possesses a more disciplined, focused mind. The strong mind always wins over the strong arm.

What's the story behind the Robo Trooper's Round Helmets?
The globular Robo Trooper helmets serve several purposes. First and foremost, they protect the Robo Troopers' heads and faces during Battel. Secondly, they protect the identity of the Robo Troopers. The creators of the Robo Troopers, Robo Dynamics, argue that the ego of a super hero must be kept in check, so their faces remain hidden. Thirdly, the helmet is equipped with communication technology that enables the Robo Troopers to remain in constant contact while in combat.

Why did Shadow Trooper take off his helmet during Mayhem in the Atrium III??
Shadow Trooper always did have difficulty following orders, but no one knows exactly why Shadow took off his helmet mid Battel during Mayhem in the Atrium III. Some speculate his damaged helmet was impeding his vision. Some think that his neck was in pain after the helmet's titanium neck guard pinched his neck bone. Still, others are convinced that Shadow Trooper was struck by a wave of vanity and wanted to reveal to the world that there was a man behind his black faceless globe.

Where is Shadow Trooper now?
The rebellions Shadow Trooper took the dark road. Click here for the full story.

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