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Name: Gomi-man
Type: Dr. Cube's Garden State garbage monster
Height: 4567 tin cans
Weight: 9805 banana peels + 1 stolen shopping cart
Aliases Used: NJD980529461; Chemical Hill
Attack: Garbage-pail skid, compost-heap kick, rotting-rubbish recoil, toxic spill, biodegradable beatdown, rusty clothespin
Win/Lose: 0/2
Allies: Dr. Cube's Posse (although all Dr. Cube's monsters shun Gomi-man) Enemies: Slo Feng, Los Plantanos, American Beetle

Filthy fighter is Gomi-man. Dr. Cube make monster trash as replacer to Midori No Kaiju. Birth in American smell state of New Jersey as biggest dump in worldwide. Body cover of smash TVs, fleas, mix vegetable, rancid fruit, tin can, old gym shoe, and more dirt. In hot summer, trash monster turn torture monster by become toxic fuming pile. Pole Cato and Gomi-man make Cube Posse the stinky ones of all.

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