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Hell Monkey

Name: Hell Monkey
Type: Extra-spicy danger, Dr. Cube style
Height: 666 bananas stacked end to end
Weight: 666 bananas stacked end to end
Temperature: 3000 degrees Kelvin
Attack: Fire-breath wonder nose, hottie tail whip, nine hells hold, the burning sensation
Win/Lose: 8/11
Allies: Dr. Cube
Enemies: Everyone 'cept Dr. Cube

Who is the biggest danger-bringer? Hell Monkey is arrived!!! His is cute and funniest style eyeball with fire-breathing wonder nose. Often confusing with banana an enemy of his like Los Plantanos he is force of destruction to unsmiling monsters. His is the fan favorite style that makes cheer in block partying. Most unhappy making to brains and bones of good Kaiju.

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