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Name: RoBox
Type: Redeeming enviro-friendly hero
Height: Not tall enough
Weight: Too heavy and slow for his own good
Attack: Reverse defragmenter, box cutter, whirlwind whip
Allies: American Beetle, Silver Potato, Dumpster Diving Coalition
Enemies: Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Dr. Cube's Posse, US Media hype
Wins/losses: 2/4

RoBox is being enviro-friendly hero robo of faced with redemption human. Box is huge and two thousands feet taller than a skyscraper is. He is have rubber arms falling off and blinding evil threats with special lighting eyes for scaring a giant enemy. Biggest recycled rubber boots make a safe protection of cardboard-type body. Because recyclable, is always convenient for the fighting party and also to level evildoer hideouts. He is human flawed robot with human soul and manmade insecurities.

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