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Name: Unibouzu
Type: Radioactive sea urchin-style creature
Height: 3 million leagues under the sea
Weight: 6 million nigiri servings and a dash of wasabi
Attack: Da bomb, spike pile driver, sunken-sub wreck, sea urchin row, cactus smack, pickle prick
Allies: Call-Me-Kevin, D.W. Cycloptopuss III
Enemies: Sky Deviler, Uchu Chu, American Beetle, Silver Potato
Wins/Loses: 6/4

Unibouzu once is the geek boy. Snort when laugh and no friend or lady in school. Lucky for dork, atomic urchin biting and grow strong. In not the luck for boy, getting the most stupid too. Among Unibouzu spine are sucker for the helping to hold onto food, steel cage link, and the attention of human people. Top of Unibouzu is look like cactus, but not plant, all rogue man. Unibouzu carry conch into Battel for the power or the something else - maybe tell when find mouth.

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