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What is Kaiju Big Battel?
Kaiju Big Battel is a live event series that revolves around tournament-style performances, which are a tongue-in-cheek hybrid of American pro-wrestling, Japanese-monster-movie mayhem, and lowbrow pop-culture. Click here for the full "About Kaiju Big Battel".

When is the next Kaiju Big Battel?
The best way to keep informed about upcoming events is to join the Kaiju Big Battel Fan List. Click here to join now. In addition, upcoming events are posted on the kaiju.com homepage.

What is Studio Kaiju?
Studio Kaiju, an independent Boston-based performance and media group, is the driving force behind the live-event series known as Kaiju Big Battel. Organizer of sold-out events, Studio Kaiju is best known for its live tournament-style performances, which are a humorous mix of music, video, and performance art.

What is the meaning of the word Kaiju?
Kaiju means "mysterious beast" in Japanese. Not to be confused with Kaijin, which means "mysterious human."

How many Kaiju characters exist?
Currently, there is a stronghold of about thirty-five Kaiju characters. But there are only about twenty active Kaiju characters. The Kaiju line-up constantly changes, as new Kaijus replace the retired, the disappeared, and the deceased.

How long does it take to design and to create a Kaiju costume?
The average length of time it takes to build a costume is three months. For example, Sky Deviler took seven months. Multimoog took only three weeks.

Why does it take so long to build the costumes?
Empty pockets and one free hand slow down progress.

Where can I purchase Kaiju merchandise?
You can buy directly from the KAIJU MALL or through mail order. Otherwise, click here for a partial list of where you can get Kaiju goods. Be smart and call ahead for product availability-all stores don't carry all merchandise!

Why don't more stores carry Kaiju Big Battel Merchandise?
Good question. Interested distributors should contact info@kaiju.com.

Where can I rent Kaiju Big Battel videos?
You can't rent them legally.

When did Kaiju Big Battel start?
The first Battel occurred on Halloween night in 1994 at the Revolving Museum in Boston and featured Midori No Kaiju, Atomic Cannon, Powa Ranjuru, Force Trooper Robo, Taro "The Mouth" Fuji's commentary, and Anthony Salbino's construction. The first full scale Kaiju Big Battel event occurred in February 1995 at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

When are you guys coming to XYZ city?
Probably when an event organizer in XYZ city makes an effort to bring us there. Or when a generous sponsor wants to help kick-start a tour. Sponsors and event organizers should contact info@kaiju.com.

When did Studio Kaiju come about?
Rand and David co-founded Studio Kaiju in 2001.

Who creates all the Kaiju Big Battel characters?
For the most part, Rand creates all the characters and then Studio Kaiju develops them.

Why does Hell Monkey look like a pig?
Because in Hell, monkeys look like pigs and pigs climb trees.

Why is Battel misspelled?
Originally, Rand misspelled it on a T-shirt design. People thought it was funny, so it was left that way.

Can I wrestle?
No. Studio Kaiju does not employ wrestlers. It employs performers.

Can I perform?
For a chance to audition, send your pitch to info@kaiju.com.

How much does it cost to stage a Kaiju Big Battel performance?
Contact us at info@kaiju.com and let's make a deal.

I want to work at Studio Kaiju. How can I get involved?
There are unpaid internships available. Check out the Kaiju job opportunities for the lowdown.

I want to be on the Kaiju street team. How do I get started?
The skilled and the willed, please contact streetteam@kaiju.com and she'll take care of you.

I represent "XYZ" company, and we'd like to work with Studio Kaiju. Can we set up a meeting?
That depends. We prefer "easy customers." We are impressed with honesty, action, and results. Otherwise, we cannot afford to waste precious time with evildoers. Mind you, there are 257 cities to protect and 3.5 billion lives to save within the Kaiju Big Battel world! Easy customers contact info@kaiju.com.

How can I learn more about Kaiju Big Battel's world of live monster mayhem?
Explore kaiju.com and discover a treasure of Kaiju Big Battel knowledge. You can also check out Kaiju in the News for press clippings and recent articles, but please keep in mind that some press peeps don't check their facts very well.