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Kaiju Big Battel
blind beetle

Hell Monkey Cema, Hell Monkey Do-ma!

Live Monster Mayhem at Dragon Gate USA In Philly!

Philadelphia, PA- Kaiju Big Battel brings their live monster mayhem to the Asylum Arena in South Philly on Saturday January 29th, 2011 as part of Dragon Gate USA! Get ready for action when the Hero fighters of Kaiju take on the evil monsters of Dr. Cube's Posse!

Be there as Philly's famous arena crumbles to the ground as Kaiju Big Battel Presents: Kaiju Mini Battel! Join us as we open the show for the DGUSA crowd and give them a sample of space bug slams and city-crushing in ring action!

Then sit back and get ready for the stars of Dragon Gate USA and their one of a kind, action packed style of Japanese wrestling with the biggest names in all of Japan!

You get TWO shows with ONE ticket!

Join Cycloptopuss, American Beetle, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle and the nefarious Dr. Cube Hell Monkey as we celebrate the festivities of Dragon Gate Weekend!

ALL AGES! Doors at 6pm show at 7pm. Tickets available at www.dgusa.tv. Purchase tickets online through PayPal or call (267)519-9744 to purchase with credit card

Stay tuned for more exciting info!

Loudens 2010 Moments to Remember

Beav please finish it up and dont forget to spell cheack this. remember its your job to make me look good, Dont Forget That! also DO NOT forgat to deleat this first paragraph before sending it off to the web guys. You know how stupid they are. Thanks I'll give you back your cat when you are done.

What I year I had! i would like to share a few, 2010 to be precise, moments of mine from the past year. The good,the bad, and the unforgetable moments of MY life in the year 2009. I know I know I should have had this done weeks ago... well you try remembering over 2000 things from the past year and see how long it takes YOU.

Moment #2010: The death of super wrong. It wasso anticlimatic I almost forgot to put it on the list. It just beat out forgeting to brush my teeht one night. #2009 Playing dress up with Paco Plaintain #2008: Reading part of a book.# 2007: Drinking 7 Slurppies in one day. #2006: GooGoo Clusters at Cracker barrel. #2005: Getting Choke Slamed by Sekmet. #2004: Meeting Gary Bussie in the airport lounge. #2003: Crab Cakes on the beach. #2002: eating chico balls 3 times during the holiday season. #2001: Meeting Nikki Dinky. #2000 Getting a free donut for useing the bathroom at Dunkin donuts in NJ. #1999. Party #1998 Swollowing a live Bee. #1998: Seeing Lou Farigno at Wizard world Philly..... Again. #1997: Finding a VHS copy of Sailiens. #1996: Flensing a squrrile. #1995: Beating Beav at Ultamite Jenga. #1994: Finding a tar ball in my Pepsi. #1993: WaWA meatwich at 2 am. #1992: Gettig the old kaiju.com site back up. #1991: salbino with a helmet full of cash. #1990: The The Theater catching fire half way thru Clash of the Titains (this was a good thing) #1989-1624: Morning Coffe. #1623: The fans at "save the Kaiju" #1622: CENSORED. #1621: Paparazzi Samurai; just Google it! #1620: Being saved by Metal Wing Black. #1619: Beav passing out at a hillbilly rave. #1618: Finding Snaggletoohts mother at a thrift store for $7. #1617 The Tatoo Swami turning Beav into a puppet. #1616: Ninja assasin. #1615: Eating fried chicken in Nashville. #1614: 600 miles in a car with 4 Sing-a-majigs. #1413: Beav giving me 14 cases of "adult" grape juice. He said it was to spicy. #1412: Secretly trying on #13's furrie pants while he was in the shower. #1411: The smell of rotting plaintains backstage in Philly. #1410: Handing a trophy to Steam Powered Tentical Boulder. #1409: Removing a trophy from Dr. Cubes bloody chest. #1408: Doing the Samba with Begrizzaled Theodor's Daughter. #1407: Seeing a 3D movie...NOT! #1406:Finaly after 25 years, compleating my Kinikuman collection. #1405: Amish Juice. #1404: Eating 3 San Salvadorian barritos in one sitting. #1403: losing my contact lens in the punch bowl. #1402: Craw gaging on my contact lens and forfiting his match. #1401:Remembering where I left my bookbag on the way home, back in the 6th grade(it wasent there any more, I cheaked) #1400: Not going to Pittsburg, Chicago, or San Deago. #1399: Rescuing Beav from drownig in the bathtub. #1398: Hosting Miss Con Kitty Beutty contest. #1397:Gitaur Wolf in Brooklyn. #1396: Seeeing the Egg Nog exibit at the WI Museum of Milk. #1395: Walking the red carpet at "The Halls of Danger" #1394- 1167: Things that would get me into trouble leagle. #1166: Learning to spell "Farfanugen" #1165: Climbing the steps of the Empire State builing to the second floor. #1164-896: Sleeping in a bed. #895. Geting lost in Tom Sayers cave at Disiny Land. #894: Eating fried chicken in Chelsea. #893: relising somebody put water in my water bottel by mistake. #892: E-I-E-I-O by Peelander-Z. #891: Getting sick from eating from a street cart. #890: Getting electrocuted in a elevator. #889-524: Afternoon Redbull. #523: Seeing Giii with out his makeup on. #522: Are yu stll reading this or can I stop? #521: Going to Vagas with Dusto Bunny. Man does he eat a lot. #520: Kicking my Mountain Dew problem. #519: Starting a Seiarra Mist problem. #518. Vacationing in Belarus (I cuold have sworn it was in the carribiian) #517:Meeting Sawa. #516: Eating a whale. #515-487: Things no one but me cares about. #486: Being able to cheat. #485: Watching a cabbie colide with a tow truck. #484: Long walks on the beach. #483: Agreeing to write this. #483: Dai Hatchi Hatchi stole my car and drove in thru a jack-in-the-box. #482-375: Finding lost kittins on the side of the highway and finding them new homes. #374: Riding on the space shuttel. #372: Driving to podunk Idaho for the Potato Con 8. #371: I QUIT #372; Beav fill this in with some snazzy stuff. remember make me look good or you wont get your cat back. #1: The death of Dr. Cube


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Say I love you with these special edition, Valentine's Day cards, now in the Kaiju Mall . Featuring Powa Ranjuru and Super Wrong. Lavishly illustrated byYoriko Shiraishi And Vinnie Arnone. So pick up a set and give your honey the Valentin that's a collectable to boot!

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Beavs News and Notes

Drunkin Skaters report Super Wrong sighting: Meatland, Jamacia Plain,MA

Head on over to Facebook for a look at the Video of the Week. This week features Hello Slo Feng.

Wikkileaks: "Yarsminko and Craw sign mutual security pact"

French Toast still angry. He vows to be angry till he decids not to be..

Soup to recive award from PA. State Police for saveing hijacked Cuponk! shipment.

The Grudyin and Tucor seen conspiring in NY backally.




Ha HA they let me in charge this week and I can write whatever i want. signed BEAV is #1

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