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Kaiju Big Battel
blind beetle

Gravity is not responsible for falling in love.

Valentine's Day is Getting Close!

Say I love you with these special edition, Valentine's Day cards, now in the Kaiju Mall . Featuring Powa Ranjuru, Marutambo, The Sea Amigos, Super Wrong and a flying Plantain. Lavishly illustrated byYoriko Shiraishi And Vinnie Arnone. So pick up a set and give your honey the Valentin that's a collectable to boot!

Live Monster Mayhem at Dragon Gate USA In Philly!

Philadelphia, PA- Kaiju Big Battel brings their live monster mayhem to the Asylum Arena in South Philly on Saturday January 29th, 2011 as part of Dragon Gate USA! Get ready for action when the Hero fighters of Kaiju take on the evil monsters of Dr. Cube's Posse!

Be there as Philly's famous arena crumbles to the ground as Kaiju Big Battel Presents: Kaiju Mini Battel! Join us as we open the show for the DGUSA crowd and give them a sample of space bug slams and city-crushing in ring action!

Then sit back and get ready for the stars of Dragon Gate USA and their one of a kind, action packed style of Japanese wrestling with the biggest names in all of Japan!

You get TWO shows with ONE ticket!

Join Cycloptopuss, American Beetle, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle and the nefarious Dr. Cube Hell Monkey as we celebrate the festivities of Dragon Gate Weekend!

ALL AGES! Doors at 6pm show at 7pm. Tickets available at www.dgusa.tv. Purchase tickets online through PayPal or call (267)519-9744 to purchase with credit card

Stay tuned for more exciting info!


American Beetle Challenges Hell Monkey

American Beetle declared the desire for revenge against Hell Monkey. Weeks ago he was blinded when Hell Monkey doused his eyes in hot sauce. To add insult to injury Hell Monkey has repeatedly taunted Beetle about his new found disability, from pouring beverages to walking thru doors. American Beetle had enough and challenged Hell Monkey to a blindfold match this weekend in Philly. Hell Monkey responded "I could beat you with one eye tied behind my back. I'll see you in the ring... too bad you won't see me"

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News and Notes

Drunkin frat boys report Super Wrong sighting: Put Put Land, Kilgore,NJ

Head on over to Facebook for a look at the Video of the Week. This week features the "Someone Must Die!" trailer.

Wikkileaks: "Cycloptopuss believes in Mayan 2012 prophecy"

French Toast vows to endorse his own line of syrup.

Dusto Bunny to receive life time achievement award in Philly.

Unusual activity amongst former members of Dr. Cube's Posse; experts worried.

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