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Kaiju Big Battel
muti cube

Will the real Dr. Cube please stand up.


DR. Cube Alive?

Philadelphia, PA- Unconfirmed reports have been coming in that Dr. Cube was seen alive and well at the kaiju Mini Battel in Philly. Experts believe him to be a fake, sighting the other three fakes that were exposed on the same evening. Craw, hell Monkey, and The Grudyin all were unmasked. The charlatans were promptly put in there place by the Kaiju heros.

Dr. Albert Hinderbrag, professional expert, stated that "The probability that the fourth and final "Cube" was real is statistically slim. There is a 99.9% chance that the first three were fake ,ergo the final one has a 25% chance of being 99.9% fake, with a chance of showers in the late afternoon"

While Posse followers are elated at the news of there idols "remise", the Kaiju Heros did not seem to be worried. American Beetle had this to say "No vi al Dr. Cube el la noche de sábado. Excúseme por favor para ser escéptico, sin embargo estoy oculto."

Is the bad doctor still amongst us? or was this just a ploy of #13's to consolidate his power over the Posse?

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Question of the week?

Is the food in London really as bad as they say?


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American Beetle Beats Hell Monkey

The second fight of the night saw Hell Monkey arrive wearing the signature Cube head. This freaked out Louden, who thought Cube had returned from the dead.

Upon reaching the ring Hell Monkey revealed himself and proceeded to talk about how ludicrous American Beetle is. Hell Monkey then told us that he is challenging American Beetle to a Blindfold Match. Beetle comes out struggling to find his way to the ring due to being blind.

Referee Bryce is brought out to officiate the match and secures the blind fold over Hell Monkeys eye.

Beetle takes Hell Monkey down and rains punches down on him, but celebrates prematurely because Hell Monkey isnŐt done yet. Beetle grabs him by the tail and gives him an atomic drop, and then Hell Monkey grabs a building but accidentally knocks himself out and Beetle gets a 2 count. Beetle goes up top for the 10 punch count and Hell Monkey collapses and wipes out several more buildings. Hell Monkey picks up several buildings and piles them on top of a skyscraper and then monkey flips Beetle into the stack of buildings.

Suddenly Sami Callihan from DGUSA comes to ringside looking for his missing watch. "What's it look like?" asks Louden. Sami replies "sort of like the one Hell Monkey is wearing...." Hell Monkey stole his watch from the locker room, so Sami lays him out and puts him in a Horse Collar while Referee Bryce is distracted with American Beetle. Sami gets his watch back pours hot sauce in Hell Monkeys eye and then tosses Beetle on top of Hell Monkey.

American Beetle scores the win. Beetle celebrates his victory to the delight of Kaiju fans everywhere.


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