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Kaiju Big Battel

Gotta Gettem All!.

Letter from the Commissioner

Hi De Ho all! Commissioner Woolly here. I just wanted to express my sincerest apologies for not updating the web site the last three weeks. You see, we were feverishly working on the new Kaiju Card Battel game when suddenly, the entire staff of Kaiju.com was called upon the build a robot . Needless to say we finished the robot. Her name is Sal just in case you wanted to know. You can catch this TV headed mistress in an upcoming issue of Wired Magazine.

Now where were we? Ah yes the update. This weeks big news is the new Kaiju Card Battel Game. The first set of nine cards is out now. They come in four variant packages of 5 cards each. But wait there's more, they are limited to 100 complete sets. You want a complete set but don't have the patience to buy multiple packs and trade your way to your goal? We have you covered. For a short time you will have the option to buy a complete set right off the assembly line, but be quick because this is a limited time offer. Speaking of limited offers, we saved 20 uncut sheets of the cards for you die hard collectors but if they are still around when the cut cards get low, you can say good bye.

Speaking of good bye, I must get back to work supervising the next set of cards. I still haven't decided who will be on them but they will be "Run In" cards. They will make the game even more exciting and lifelike. So until next time remember "Danger Can Happen"

Commissioner Duke "Woolly" Mammoth

P.S. If you are free on April, 9th we would be delighted to see you in Times Square, NY

You Want Free Stickers?

I'll bet you do but If you don't want free stickers than don't send us a SASE to

Studio Kaiju

30-60 36th St. 1R

Astoria, NY 11103

offer good till 3/13/2011

If you can't understand the concept of SASE just send us $1 to cover postage and an envelope.


All is Quite on the Posse Front.

Rumors still persist about the alleged return of Dr. Cube. While their is no concert evidence that he is alive, there are unsettling occurrences among the Posse. The fact that the infighting has stopped so suddenly is the most telling sign that Dr. Cube has returned. Hell Monkey and #13 have been seen out bowling several times and the rest of the Posse has been unusually well behaved. Is this the calm before the storm? We better hope not.

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News and Notes

5 year old reports Super Wrong sighting in Target parking lot, Mathbeth, WI.

Head on over to Facebook for a look at the Video of the Week. This week features a lost interview with Pedro Plantain

Wikkileaks: "Unibouzu still receives allowance from his mother to buy comic books"

French Toast starts endorsing other peoples products with out permission.

Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder set to play Eli Whitney in off Broadway play.

Space Bugs upset at only getting one card in the Kaiju Card Game. Plan protest.

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