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Kaiju Big Battel
blind beetle

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Kaiju Big Battel Returns to New York on April. 9th

After conquering the Warsaw in Brooklyn, Kaiju Big Battel will invade B B Kings on Saturday, April 9th. This night of live monster wrestling will showcase Kaiju favorites, Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, Hell Monkey, Metal Wing Black, and possibly even Dr. Cube (if the rumors are true that he is truly alive.) plus 45 blocks of crushable cityscape primed for destruction.

So come experience this year's greatest night of live monster wrestling and see if Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle can defend his Kaiju Championship title. This is Kaiju's only scheduled New York performance, so don't miss this rare chance to catch one of the best live-action comedy shows in America. The night's line up of giant city-crushing monsters will be announced online leading up to the big night, so be sure to visit kaiju.com for weekly updates.

What: Kaiju Big Battel presents: "When Danger Comes To Town"

When: Saturday, April 9th 2011. 5PM doors. 7PM show.

Where: B.B. King Blues Club & Grill 237 West 42 St , Manhattan, NY.

Tickets: $15.00 in advance, $18.00 day of show. All Ages Admitted.


Kaiju loves Japan

As you know we owe Japan for much of our inspiration. Kaiju Big Battel wants to support Japan's Earthquake/Tsunami Relief & Recovery. Below are some trustworthy links for donations for those who want to help:

Japan Society

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

100% of your contributions will go to organizations that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

Japan Center for International Exchange, New York

Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund

Half of the funds raised will go directly to the Center for Public Resources Development's "Give One" initiative, which raises funds for leading Japanese organizations that are working on the ground to provide immediate disaster relief. The remaining 50 percent will be used to establish a separate fund to support Japanese NGOs engaged in long-term reconstruction efforts, which will be critical in the months and years ahead.

Donations to above organizations are both tax-deductible. Please see the details of funds on each site.

Let's support Japan and keep getting inspired from this wonderful country!!!

Line Up For When Danger Comes To Town.

Unibouzu VS Slo Feng

French Toast VS Cycloptopuss

The Grudyin VS Dusto Bunny

Hell Monkey and #13 VS American Beetle and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodel

More to be announced.

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News and Notes

Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder "Keep the shinaniganimals to a minimun or somebody (thats you) is gona git a beatdown"

Wikkileaks: "Yarsminko and Dai Hatchi Hatchi are up to no good."

Super Wrong spoted in Las Vegas, KRC decides to investigate

Soup moves to Greenpoint in Brooklyn

U.S. breakfast ceral shortage takes public by suprise.

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