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Kaiju Big Battel

Help Us Help Them.

For fans who love Kaiju as well as Japan.

Good news for those who have been wanting to help with Japan's disasters but didn't really know what to do. We made this design as our way to help our friends in Japan. Buy this shirt and 100% of the profit goes to the Japan Center of International Exchange's Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Also, by wearing this shirt around town, you can raise the awareness long after the news fades from American headlines. So buy this shirt now to show that you care! Let your friends know, or buy extras for your family and friends! Please Help!

Item of the Week Item of the Week

Question of the week?

Who left their lights on in the lot...again?

What Is Kaiju? Join Cube! or Fight Cube! Commentaries


Header of the Week

This weeks page header is brought to us by Steve of Milwaukee. Steve send us you address and we will send you your prize, a "Danger Comes to Town" poster.

Do you think you have what it takes to make an eye catching header? Every week we will pick a lucky fan and feature their art on our main page. The rules you ask? Well it needs to be the right size and it needs to say KAIJU BIG BATTEL. Everything else is up for interpretation. Download the templet here and send your finished art to info @ kaiju.com.

And as the saying goes if you don't get picked try and try again.


Next Updates prize will be a "Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder" plushie.

Cube Lives

All the rumors and unconfirmed sightings were true. Dr Cube made his presence known at "Danger comes to Town" in NY last week. Dr. Cube said he wasn't really hurt "it was like a paper cut, yes it bled a lot but it was all healed in a few days. When I heard the rumors of my demise I decided it was a good time to take a much needed vacation. I packed up and went to south america where I made my newest creation Monger Kingu. He has the unstoppable power to stop anything in its tracks. He is truly a marvel of bio engineering. While I was in the lab I realized this is what i was missing the last year or so. Being the commissioner was not nearly rewarding as I thought it would be... to much paperwork... "


#13 wins belt!

The rule of the night was that whoever made the pin got the belt. While this rule favored the heros who were more likely cooperate, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle was unfortunately stuck on the G train for most of the night. Hell Monkey and #13 clearly were too much for American Beetle to handle on his own. After a one sided battel of two on one, #13 pined Beetle for the win. Soup arrived just in time to see the final moments of the fight but was unable to stop it.


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News and Notes

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has been Updated.

Unibouzu gets a 2 count against Slo Feng in Fairfax, NJ.

Join us on Facebook for exclusive info and special Merch deal announcements.

French Toast wins endorsement deal, stay tuned for details.

Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder "Cube may still be alive but he's also still a chump! and if his new muscle bound freak gets in my way again I'll stuff him into a miniature garbage can."

Dino Kang suspected of eating Beav.

KRC is taking Las Vegas Super Wrong siting seriously


New Shirts In Mall

We have 3 new shirts in the Kaiju Mall .

Uchu Chu Invaders, A new take on a classic game. Dr. Cube tries to defend his compound from the invading Uchus. I hope he has a lot of quarters! Limited to 60 shirts

Its not often someone wants a drooling beast on their chest but when its a picture of Dr. Cubes own Napalean how can you go wrong. Makes for great sleepwear. Illustrated by Yoriko Shiraishi. Limited to 60 shirts.

And lastly but not leastly is some good news for Louden Noxious fans, you don't have to be loud or obnoxios to wear this shirt but it helps. A very limited edition "Kid Noxious" shirt.

So click on over to the Kaiju Mall and take a gander at these incredable and Limited shirts!



Letter to the Commishioner

Hi there,

Long time kaiju fan here. I just recently ordered a mystery box from the shop, and I wanted to send you my thanks. The box was filled to the brim with 100% awesomeness. And much to my surprise a couple of the items were signed! I thought it was a shot in the dark to ask, but man... thank you so much!

That definitely wont be my last purchase on your site, you can have my money anytime! Already planning on a few more shirts...

Also, I was wondering... I'm an artist myself, I would love to contribute to the art of Kaiju Big Battel. Is that just something best left to the forums?

Well thanks again for everything!



Dear wkv:

Thank you for your kind words. It is good to hear you are enjoying the Mystery Merch box.

As for your art, many people are mistaken in thinking that the Kaiju message board is the only place for your art. For years we had the monthly FAN King, but sadly with all the budget shortfalls and litigation concerning destroyed property it was cut from the budget. So the in the spirt of the FAN King award we will have the Home page header art contest, a mouthful I know. Look a little to the left, no no the other left... you should see some info about this new undertaking in fan appreciation.

I hope this information will allow you to enjoy making Kaiju art that much more and I look forward to seeing it grace these hallowed pages

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner


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