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Kaiju Big Battel

Take a chance on Danger!

Leveling Las Vegas

June 3rd is the date. 9pm will be the time. Las Vegas will never be the same again! because Kaiju monsters are going to flatten Las Vegas to ground level. Witness the return of Uchu Chu, the attitude of Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder and the evil machinations of the... well evil Dr. Cube. Join us at the World Famous Copa Room as Kaiju performs for the rockers and high rollers. Ticket info and featured matches coming soon... so watch this space!

Item of the Week Item of the Week

Question of the week?

Where in the world is the hammer?

What Is Kaiju? Join Cube! or Fight Cube! Commentaries Item of the Week

Kaiju loves Japan

Good news for those who have been wanting to help with Japan's disasters but didn't really know what to do. We made this design as our way to help our friends in Japan. Buy this shirt and 100% of the profit goes to the Japan Center of International Exchange's Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Also, by wearing this shirt around town, you can raise the awareness long after the news fades from American headlines. Please Help!


Gambling Buddies Hit the Road

It appears outer-space bed bug Yarsminko and underwater sea monster Cycloptopuss have decided to team up for a money-making road trip. The duo have set off in their zip-car for Las Vegas, to test out Yarsminko's "Fool -Proof Blackjack System" that is sure to line their pockets with casino chips. What's the system, you ask? "The secret is volume", Yarsminko states, "Between the two of us, we can hold 16 hands!"


Bam Bam Baby

Kaiju Hero Kung Fu Chicken Noodle is having trouble controlling the Baby Sky Deviler. The out of control monster-toddler has so far been unable to harness his seemingly unlimited power. This has hurt KFCN in many ways, but mostly his wallet. So far property damage to KFCN's dojo is upwards of $12,427.53, but our hero remains determined to guide the youngster to greatness.


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News and Notes

Thousands witness the latest two-count between Unibouzu and Slo Feng in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA. Sadly, the Pirates lost, but it was free frisbee day.

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Uchu Chu Returns; In a shocking turn of events, Uchu Chu was paid the money he was owed by the evil villains. So he's decided to come back.

Monger Kingu requests Dr. Cube to make more of him but this time in florescent colors. Dr Cube refuses on "moral grounds"

Kaiju European Hero French Toast has signed his endorsement deal with Hako Industries, at an undisclosed amount. His first contractual obligation: suppling them with a DNA sample and passing a physical examination.

Craw admits favorite hobby is "Crack'n Nuts"

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has been Updated.

Sun Buster Apologizes to heros "Respect is earned and by golly I'm gonna earn it."

Beav found; was sleeping in his Hanna Montana sleep bag in the mailroom.


Header of the Week

This weeks page header is brought to us by Anthony of LA. A "Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder" plushie is on its way to you.

Do you think you have what it takes to make an eye catching header? Every week we will pick a lucky fan and feature their art on our main page. The rules you ask? Well it needs to be the right size and it needs to say KAIJU BIG BATTEL. Everything else is up for interpretation. Download the templet here and send your finished art to info @ kaiju.com.

And as the saying goes if you don't get picked try and try again.


Next Updates prize will be a uncut sheet of Traiding Cards



Letter to the Commishioner

Hi Kaiju Commishioner,

I've been keeping an eye on the Trocodero newsletter waiting for Kaiju to show up the weekend of Philly Comic-con, you guys did a show there the last 2 years. They have some other bullshit that Saturday (June 18). Does this mean you're not coming this year?

Say it ain't so!


Dear Casey:

Unfortunately it is "so". We didn't get the call this year, who knows why. Call and bug them about it, if enough people do maybe we will be back next year.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner


Kaiju of the Week Kaiju of the Week pic

Dusto Bunny- " Been around I have this battel for long time, since was knee high to a skyscraper I .Seen the evil that Dr. Cube can create, and know I he's a no-good whipper snapper still. Vow I will to give Cube and his posse the spanking needed for long time ago. This avoided could have all been with proper home trainin'."