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Kaiju Big Battel

Take a chance on Danger!

Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!

Where do giant city-crushing monsters, super-sized freedom fighting plantains, intergalactic insects, and a diabolical mad doctor do Battel for control of the Universe? KAIJU BIG BATTEL, a top-secret monster fighting tournament where the most powerful forces in the galaxy meet to wage war in a tournament-style spectacle held in a squared circle with miniature cityscapes, oversized Japanese monster-movie props and other surprises. After sold-out East Coast Battels, Kaiju Big Battel is set to make its Las Vegas debut with its largest, most elaborate event ever--Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!-- at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on June 3, 2011. Come experience the national cult phenomenon known as Kaiju Big Batttel as a hoard of monsters, aliens, and Heroes conspire to bring the city of Las Vegas to its knees through urban destruction, white-knuckled action, and seismic surprises. Leveling Las Vegas! will also feature Kaiju Jumbotrons, the patented Kaiju Big Ring, and over 40 blocks of crushable cityscape.

Special guest, Pheydan from onell design is also scheduled to appear.

The schedule of events for Leveling Las Vegas!:

- Super fun Kaiju slide-show

- Introductory Video Feature "What Is Kaiju?"

- Battel 1: "Dusto Bunny vs Grudyin"

- Battel 2: "Sun Buster vs Hell Monkey"

- Battel 3: "Yarsminko vs Cycloptopuss"

- Battel 4: "Pheyden vs Kyolulo"

- Battel 5: "Mystery Hero Re-Debut Battel: ??? Vs ???"

- Battel 6: "Uchu Chu vs Unibouzu"

- Battel 7: Kaiju Championship Belt Contest: "American Beetle vs Number 13"

Where:Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

When: 8:00 doors 9:00 showtime Fri, June 3, 2011


Tickets: On Sale Here.


Item of the Week Item of the Week

Question of the week?

Where in the world is the other hammer?

What Is Kaiju? Join Cube! or Fight Cube! Commentaries Item of the Week

Kaiju loves Japan

Good news for those who have been wanting to help with Japan's disasters but didn't really know what to do. We made this design as our way to help our friends in Japan. Buy this shirt and 100% of the profit goes to the Japan Center of International Exchange's Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund. Also, by wearing this shirt around town, you can raise the awareness long after the news fades from American headlines. Please Help!


Hako Industries Puts French Toast Project On Hold

In a surprise move, Hako Industries, makers of Farm Fresh Batter Acid, have put the new line of French Toast brake pads on hold in favor of a new snack that's sweeping the nation. 'Craw Nuts' have been flying off the shelves of most Wawa's and 7/11's, making Craw an unlikely celebrity spokesmen. When asked how he felt about this sudden wave of fame, Craw tripped over an extension cord and fell flat on his face. "AW, CRAWNUTS!", he shouted.


TWO for the Money!!

Slo Feng & Unibouzu continue their 'Forever Fighto', one year time limit match, This week, Cincinnati was the victim as a Slo Feng covered Uni for a two count on top of a crushed automobile, reports WKRP radio. The entire incident was broadcast live on the air, with DJ's Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap doing the play by play. Gordon Jump could not be reached for comment.


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News and Notes

Hell Monkey Claims He Has a Hankering to Get Hitched.

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Boulder Makes Fun Of Super Wrong & "Dorks Who Don't Know Squat About Time Travel"

#13 and Monger King To Attend UFC show in Vegas This Weekend, Cube Too Cheap To Buy PPV.

Dusto Bunny Having Trouble FInding Swim Trunks.

Puppet Beav Home Sick With Allergies, Louden Forced To Work In Mailroom

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has been Updated.

Phyden Toys Selling like Cabbage Patch circa 1983.

American Beetle Warns Osama Bin Laden, "One of these days your luck is going to run out. You can hide but you can't run!"


Header of the Week

The Header of the Week contest takes a break this week do to too much to do and no time to do it. We will put back on track after th show.

Do you think you have what it takes to make an eye catching header? Every week we will pick a lucky fan and feature their art on our main page. The rules you ask? Well it needs to be the right size and it needs to say KAIJU BIG BATTEL. Everything else is up for interpretation. Download the templet here and send your finished art to info @ kaiju.com.

And as the saying goes if you don't get picked try and try again.


Next Updates prize will be a uncut sheet of Trading Cards


Vegas Fever Rolls On

Cycloptopuss and Yarsminlko continue their road trip to Sin City in a Toyata Matrix Zipcar. To kill time on the highways and byways of America, Yarsminko is perfecting his no-risk Blackjack strategy that is sure to make both of them rich! Why are they so effected with Vegas Fever? Some fear they've been bitten by the Gambling Bug, and may have it with them in the trunk of their car.


KRC Finds Super Wrong,.... Sort Of

He's back, but for the very 1st time! Kaiju star Super Wrong has made an inter-dimensional return, but it's the Super Wrong BEFORE he entered Kaiju Big Battel! He has no idea what wrestling is or why he is being asked to fight monsters. He seems content meandering through the malls of Las Vegas, Nevada, getting a part time job at Hot Dog on a Stick. The KRC are feverishly trying to sign him to a contract, so he can return to the BIg Ring, possibly to die again.


Robox Speaks Out Against Gambling

In a Kaiju Public Service Announcement, hero Robox has officially taken a stance on gambling, he is against it. "My computations tell me to wager funds on improbable odds is highly illogical. Whether you are a human, space bug, can of soup or giant monster, the house always wins. " Our electronic hero goes on to say, "Remember, you're better off watching CHiPs than trying to win them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP!"


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