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Kaiju Big Battel
New Dear Leader?

Do you belive?

Super Wrong Spotted Leaving Burger King in Michigan

Mary Kessil, a 17 year old High school drop out, claims to have seen Super Wrong leaving a downtown Burger King at 12:22 am in Grand Rapids, Michigan last saturday. Experts disagree if this is possible. Dr. Honwaggle, a professional expert, stated " I don't think its probable that Super Wrong would even visit a Burger King, it is widely known that he preferred Jack in the Box, because as he once stated "their mascot is just so much less creepy". Other experts disagree. Prof. Sledgque postulates the theory "that while super wrong died in the past, he wasn't born till the future, so therefor could be very well be alive in the present"

Is Super Wrong alive and snacking late into the night? We believe... He was a time traveler after all.

Fractures Forming in Dr. Cubes Former Faction?

Insiders report that Hell Monkey, who declared himself the new leader of Dr. Cubes Posse, is currently facing a power struggle. The creature known as "13" has challenged Hell Monkeys assumption that he is the one best suited for control of the Posse. Hell Monkey declared he would put it to a vote, proving he is confident in his claims. One Posse member who wished to remain anonymous wasn't so sure "He likes to have fun, too much fun in fact, thats no way for an evil genius to act... A good villain knows how to brood".

"13" while relatively knew to the game, has garnered a lot of admiration from fellow Posse members for offing the Hero know as Super Wrong. The vote has been set for Sunday, Nov. 13. Stay tuned for results.


Mall Updates!

We recently updated all the pages in the mall. New DVDs and old favorites like Super Wrong Disco Balls and Hell Monkey Hot Sauce are now available. But the thing we are really excited about is the stash of All Out War posters we found while moving. This beautiful hand screened print was illustrated by Yoriko Shiraishi and printed in an edition of 49. We found 10 copies and you know they are going to go fast. Don't forget Christmas is just aroud the corner.

Buy More Better Fighto DVD!

News and Notes from the Commissioner

Hi-de-ho all, The Commissioner here. Been awhile since I had a free moment to chat. We have been busy trying to bring you the best web site we can. The changes will be slow and steady like that fat turtle who won the race. Look to your right. No, No, the other right. Yes, see them now? Two little buttons, ones so you can easily follow us on twitter. Oh don't worry. We won't deluge you with minutia, we just want to let you know about the important stuff like upcoming shows and secret sales and such. So please join up its easy. The other one with the little f in it will take you to our very own Facebook page were we will also announce important news but also... and this is big... we will post weekly videos every week, thats like something new every seven days.

The last little tidbit I wanted to share with you was that you can now get Kaiju goods in person, non of this one click shopping fluff, but the catch is you have to be in NY. Come visit the Creators Co-Op in Astoria. You can get there by taking the N/Q subway to Ditmars Blvd. station, then walk west on 23rd Avenue for a couple of blocks. It is on the left with a red awning. So come on by and pick up some goods and check out our line of fab bags made from recycled vinyl. Ok, talk to you all soon, tally-ho.

Commissioner "Woolly" Mammoth

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