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Kaiju Big Battel
New Dear Leader?

13 taking care of business.

Posse Votes for Change

The votes are in and Hell Monkey has lost by a narrow margin. Hell Monkey however has not given up the fight and has demanded a recount. 13 has ignored his demands and made himself comfy in the big chair at posse HQ. 13 stated the Posse would run pretty much the same as it always has. The only change would be the firing of Hell Monkey. "I can't risk any insubordination in the Posse ranks, its bad for moral." he was heard to say. Hell Monkey when reached for comment told us "Get lost...talk to my lawyer...I'm busy... no comment...I'm busy... now where did I put that thesaurus...are you still here?" at which point he hung up the phone. Will this be resolved in a peaceful manner? We find that highly unlikely, so tune in next week for more developments.

Cycloptopuss Wants In.

Always looking to make an easy buck, Cycloptopuss has decided to get in on the lucrative business of celebrity food stuffs. He was inspired by the likes of Hell Monkey Hot Sauce and Newman's Own Pretzels (two great tastes that go great together) "I was sitting back on fine evening watching a classic episode of Gillagin's Island when... suddenly I felt quit peckish. I went to the cupboard and peered inside and said to myself "Good gracious m'boy, its like the red carpet on Oscar night in here. If all those commoners can do it, by golly, so can I" Cycloptopuss went on to say. He has yet to decide what he would like to put his face on. He is open to suggestions on this new endeavor or investors or just free money if you have some lying around.


Mall Gets Upgraded

The Kaiju Web Team has been gearing up for the holiday season by sprucing up the Kaiju Mall pages. Lots of stocking stuffers for all the good little (and big) Kaiju fans are now available. Some all new items such as the Balloon Pack and the limited edition Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle can can now be found in the Fun Time section. Joining the rediscovered All Out War poster announced last week are some old goodies that have been put back in the poster section. We have 10 copies of the Los Plantanos Solidarity print left as well as a limited number of Shpadoinkal mania XVIII prints. And don't forget to come by on Black Friday for our one day DVD sale. All DVDs will be $5 and all orders over $50 will get a free gift.

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News and Notes

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Coming Soon: "The Lost Chapters" a collection of stories and info that did not fit into the Kaiju book.

Correction: Pablo did not survive his trasformation back from being a zombie. He melted into mush in his brothers dressing room.

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