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Kaiju Big Battel

Commissioner "Woolly" Mammoth

A Letter from the Commissioner

Hideeho all, Commissioner Woolly here. The "Save the Kaiju" show was a smashing success, it helped us keep the home fires burning and I would like to thank each and every one of you. Thank You for keeping the KRC up and running. How was your Thanksgiving...good good...mine was pleasant as well, thank you for asking.

TNow that the niceties are out of the way I must bring up the unpleasant business of asking for your help once again. The truth is the KRC has been working off a razor thin budget and if the KRC is to continue to bring the battel, as they say, to the loyal fans we must raise at least $4,000 by the end of the month. I know I know, its the holiday season. kaiju DVDs should be flying off the shelf and filling up those stockings, as well as our operations fund. Alas people these days just download them off PirateBay or Limeywire (I fined that name offensive by the way) What I'm trying to say is...welll...umm...PLEASE, PLEASE, BUY SOMETHING, I need this job. I don't want to get fired. Please, I implore you.

And speaking of the Kaiju Mall, I have decided to try something new. We will let you the fans decide on the next T-Shirt to be made. Click here to see the four choices and email your choice over to info@kaiju.com with the subject line of shirt vote. One Vote per person. Next week we will reveal the results as well as choose one of the voters to receive a free shirt once they are produced.

Yours Trustily Commissioner "Woolly" Mammoth

The Fractured Posse has Agreed to Disagree

The two sides have decided to end hostilities but have not come to an agreement concerning Dr. Cubes legacy. Hell Monkey, who is now heading up what is now known as "The Real Dr. Cube's Posse", is being followed by the smaller of the two sides.

Hell Monkey's contingent may be smaller but they are assuredly stronger, included are Dino Kang Jr., Gomi-man, Napalean, Super Minion #96, Giii, Sekmet, and The Grudyin, as well as team space bug refugees Yarsminko and Dai Hatchi Hatchi. They are currently working out of a storage unit in Sunnyside, Queens.

"13" attracted the services of Craw, Shroomtango, Marutambo, Super Minion #109, Tucor and 2,038,908 Minions. While minions are pretty much useless by them self their sheer numbers are hard to dismiss. "13" also retained the use of Dr. Cubes secret underground compound and access to his vast resources. they have legally retained the name "Dr. Cube's Posse"

The split of the Furious Furies team was a wee bit of a surprise to those observing the conflict. The Grudyin and Tucor have been quite the effective team, especially for one coming from the posse. Many experts think it is a ruse to see who comes out on top. The Furies may well be hedging their bets, only time will tell.


Jingi Sighting in the North West

Hot on the rumors of Super Wrong sightings comes another rumored appearance, this time it's of Former-Ref-turned-former-murder-suspect Jingi. Rumors are circulating that Jingi has been spotted in a Good Will store in a remote area of Washington state. These rumors are unconfirmed, but if someone wanted to avoid detection, what better place is there then the north west? If anyone has any information on our estranged mustached hero, please contact us! A reward will be given for any information leading to the return of Jingi!*

*The reward will be a hardy handshake or a high five. Winner must cover transportation and lodging costs. Reward has no cash value.

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Tidbits from the Telefax

Head on over to Facebook for a look at the Video of the Week. This week features an excerpt from the lost "Area 57" DVD. Watch Sun Buster when he was just a lowly intern looking for his first big battel break. To bad for Call-Me-Kevin that the Hero Interns first break would be Kevin's skull. Oh yeah, American Beetle is somewhere in there too!

Mall Updates: Starting next week Shogun Showdown, Mayhem in the Atrium 3, and Teribi Sento will no longer be sold singly and will only be part of the "Classic Battel Pack". All the Video Buffets will be at the lower price of $7.50

Even more Kaiju IPhone Cases Now Avalable at Zazzel.

Next Week: Something exciting we hope.

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