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Name: The Grudyin
Type: Feral Beast-type Creature
Height: 20,124 barrels of monkeys
Weight: 2 ton gorilla + bucket of fish
Attack: Big ol' bite, spikey teat attack
Eats: Bananas, guppies, people
Doesn't Eat: His master's hand
Allies: Dr. Cube, SMX-001 AKA Craw, SDS-1
Enemies: Los Plantanos

When Hell Monkey facing enemy in Battel most important, only time for Square Physician Man to the making from parts of the extra-type. Gorilla pieces and mutant DNA make bestest fighting creature when mixing with the Angler fish. What other powers are this strange mixing give The Grudyin? An angry hunger for the first. What is more is the secret thing!

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