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Name: Marutambo
Type: Posse Timber-man
Height: 48,128 chords
Weight: 109,292 2x4's
Attack: Lumber lash, arbor arm-bar, caber toss
Tenants: 2 squirrels, 3 birds, 1 kite
Least favorite joke: The one about the 3 holes in the ground
Allies: Dr. Cube, Super Minion #96, Hell Monkey, Minions
Enemies: Heroes, lumberjacks

So large Super Minion fall in ball game through well of the deepening. Fertilizer for beauty of the lawn is also for the running off and make the mutation. Is new look Super Minion all for the Posse love. No! Too big and scary say Minions, too Minion say monster. But Cube solution is all in the spinning. The tree that was the walking as Minion, now is the running as full privilege monster Marutambo.

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