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Name: Super Dimensional Slug One (a/k/a SDS-1)
Alliance: Dr. Cube's Posse
Type: Dr. Cube's slimy sluggish time-slayer
Length: variable
Weight: variable
Attack: Wet blanket, slime spew, electric-antennae prick, hermaphrodite scare
Speed: 0-3, 210 mph
Origin: Nazi Fatherland Security Act of 1944
Wins/lose: 3/1
Allies: Napalean, Hell Monkey
Enemies: Los Plantanos, Silver Potato, full salt shaker

Fast forward back until 1944. Super Dimensional Slug One (SDS-1) was the failed being Nazi war machine. Slug lost in space in during testing 1-2-3 only to reappearing in 2002 and then commandeer by Dr. Cube's Posse. Slug is both super slow and super fast dependant on strength of batteries of Dr. Cube's remote joystick. Red antennae is being SDS-1 electrified poker for enemy hurt. SDS slime is weapon of deadly secrecy, beware. Super Dimensional Slug slow like poison, but deadly still, even though owning pathological fear of salt.

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