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Kaiju Big Battel
Kids Fight Over Kaiju

Doing it for the kids

Battel for Family Values

The Kaiju Commissioner has called an emergency Big Battel in response to a mother's plea for help. Mother Norcott's two sons, Forrest and Gaynor, have been fighting for 11 weeks straight. Forrest thinks Cube is King Kaiju, but Gaynor insists that the Kaiju Heroes are the only true Kaiju worthy of praise and admiration. In an effort to bring piece to the Norcott family, the Commissioner has arranged an emergency fighto tonight between the evil Dr. Cube and Kaiju's newest Hero, Neo Teppen at the All Good Music Festival in Masontown, West Virginia!

Kaiju Heroes Los Plantanos and American Beetle are also scheduled to take on The Swarm from Team Space Bug. This will be the Swarm's Kaiju Big Battel debut. The only other time they have been seen is in their stunning defeat of Dr. Cube's Posse in the Shocking Truth DVD. Its also been reported that Uchu Chu, the Swarm's father/leader will be in attendance. Uchu Chu hasn't been seen in public since Roxy Ruckus NY in 2002.

Please be advised! This Battel will usher in the return of the Kaiju Big Ring! The Big ring has been out of commission for many years, but with the Danger Cage in the shop, the Commissioner has no other choice. The KRC has told fans not to worry about their personal safety and has reassured local authorities that the Heroes will keep evil in check. In fact, the Commissioner has invited a veterern Heroes as a special precaution to ensure that the All Good Music Festival stays good.

Event Info:
All Good Music Festival
Friday, July 15, late night with Particle
Marvin's Mountain, Masontown WV

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