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Kaiju Big Battel
The Sea Amigos

Close, but no sea-gar.

Sea Amigos Denied Faction Status

The Kaiju Commissioner has denied the Rogue sea monsters their own independent faction. Unibouzu, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, and Call-Me-Kevin formed an unofficial alliance known as the Sea Amigos and were seeking to be recognized as an official Kaiju Faction. The Commissioner however denied their appeal and stated, "until they prove that they are a unified team they will remain members of the Rogue Faction."

As an act of good faith the Commissioner granted the Sea Amigos their own limited line of merchandise including pins, magnets, stickers, and a shirt to be released in time for the holidays. Despite the Commissioner's good will gesture, the Sea Amigos responded with a violent temper tantrum that left two off shore oil rigs non-operational.

Classic Kaiju Costumes

Every year, Kaiju fans show their Otaku spirit with a bevy of Big Battel costumes. The highlight of 2003 was a set of highly detailed Plantain Twin costumes. Last year, Cube costumes were everywhere, with many unique variations including Svelte Cube, Dr. Cube in Lab-like Environment, Dr. Cube with Dead Nurse and adult beverage, Live on Video Dr. Cube, and Casual Fridays Cube.

Submit your Kaiju costume to contest@kaiju.com by November 2nd and you will be eligible to do Battel for the Best Kaiju Costume Crown. The Crown is actually a figurative crown, but the accompanying prizes, a Los Plantanos Solidarity Print and an out of print Plantain pencil pouch, are quite real. Creativity and a sense of humor are highly appreciated, although expensive materials and superb craftsmanship are worthy of serious merit.

Call for Intern Hero

The Kaiju Regulatory Commission is accepting Hero Intern applications until the end of the month. The position is open to all humans who are willing to protect mankind, have car, and are able to lift at least 50 pounds. The KRC will provide heroic looking state-of-the-art helmet, but intern must provide all other clothing, tools, and accessories. Please send, headshot, resume and cover letter to contest@kaiju.com.

Minion Militia Shut Down

The Kaiju Regulatory Commission shut down a local Minion Militia in Tampa, Florida last Saturday night. The Minion Militia drew attention to itself by stockpiling thousands of gallons of water and gasoline to sell at inflated prices after hurricane Wilma blew by. The Minion Militia admits that the proceeds would go direct to Dr. Cube but denied any wrongdoing.

The KRC has been tracking an up surge of Minion Militia activity since Cube became Kaiju Champion last year. The KRC said they are confident that the number of Cube supporters will dwindle when Cube loses the Kaiju Belt. When pressed for information on the next Kaiju Big Battel, the KRC responded by saying that "information would be given on a need to know basis." The KRC's statement did not comfort one Florida resident, Josh Barron Jr., who complained that he could no longer find discounted hospital scrubs due to the increase demand by Minion Militia members in his area.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Ask the Commissioner

i'm man-i'm luca and i'm italian but most of all i am a big kaiju fan!! me and some friend are thinking of making something similar to kaiju big battel in italy...can we have some support??we like to give some space also to emergent bands- i know that's a stupid request but i'll try^^

answer please!

good work on yours dvd-bye...hope to have an answer soon(and i'm sorry for my bad english)

KEEP KAIJUING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Luca:

Thank you for your enthusiasm, but I believe something may have been lost in translation. Kaiju Big Battel is the epic struggle of good versus evil. You do not need to "make something similar," you just need to look out your window. The conflict is already there. As for organizing Kaiju Big Battels in Italy, I have forwarded your email to the top-secret men and women at the Kaiju Regulatory Commission. Someone will visit your villa shortly.

Your Friend,
The Kaiju Commissioner

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