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Title - Fan Contest

January 7, 2004

From the moment she gave birth at Mayhem in the Atrium 5, Mung Wun has kept her baby "egg" under lock and key. For months [ed. it's actually been years], fans have had to speculate over who the father was and if the Thai Fly's larva would even hatch at all. Uchu Chu the Space Bug and American Beetle both claimed to have had trysts with the man-eating Mung Wun, but despite a long, intergalactic paternity dispute, the egg remained in the sole possession of its "Momma".

The drama was so bad, it caused the entire Team Space Bug to miss the Brooklyn Double Danger Battel. Uchu Chu and Mung Wun, afraid for the egg's safety, left Earth and brought along Sky Deviler and Mota Naru to handle the baby sitting. For the most part, the Space Bugs presence on the Kaiju scene has been low profile for a while now.

This has all changed with the advent of the Swarm. The egg has hatched ladies and gents, and an entire Swarm of male and female Drones came exploding from its mucus-covered larval shell. Uchu has claimed sole responsibility for their conception, and crowned himself king of the hive. Mung Wun seems agreeable with this situation, as long as her precious 26 babies are well protected. And there may be more on the way!

But something even more bizarre occurs to me as I get a closer look at this "Swarm". They certainly resemble their alleged father Uchu Chu, but they DO also bear an uncanny resemblance to American Beetle as well! Could there be more to this insect-love-triangle soap opera than we assumed?

I'm sure we'll never know...

- Louden Noxious