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Title - Brooklyn Commentary

Going into Brooklyn Double Danger the Heroes were convinced they would turn the tide against evil. Dusto Bunny was set to take on Napalean, American Beetle was bound and determined to punish the undersea instigator Call-Me-Kevin, and Los Plantanos had planned a special musical tribute to the recovering Silver Potato. Even when Hero Slo Feng was kidnapped by Cube just days before the Battel, the Heroes remained confident. But when Louden Noxious finally kicked off the Battel at the Warsaw, things did not go as the Heroes, or anyone else, expected.

thumb1Battel 1: Selfish Shellfish Shellshock
Vegetius defeated Call-Me-Kevin and American Beetle

When Call-Me-Kevin assaulted Mung Wun and her nearly-hatched egg, American Beetle became enraged and promised to punish the attack on the offspring he (along with Uchu Chu) claimed as his own. But before Beetle could get his chance to even the score, feral Rogue Kaiju Vegetius stormed the Danger Cage and began tearing the cityscape asunder. Seemingly oblivious to the Battel in the ring, Vegetius soon drew the attention of American Beetle who looked to dispatch the Rogue from the Danger Cage. Vegetius however proved to be more than Beetle could handle, knocking the star-spangled do-gooder straight out of the Cage. In a frenzy, Vegetius then attacked Call-Me-Kevin, and eventually launched himself off the top of the Danger Cage to deliver the devastating "shell shock".

thumb2Battel 2: The Road to Cube, Exit 1-A
Dr. Cube defeated Dusto Bunny

Heading into Brooklyn Double Danger it looked as if Dr. Cube was up to his old tactics - having his monstrous creations fight his Battels for him. But when Napalean collapsed in pain from a deep bone bruise on her sternum that she had suffered days earlier while foiling an escape attempt by Slo Feng, the evil doctor displayed uncharacteristic courage and took her place. Of course Cube was taking no chances, employing a fiendish fake surrender ploy and interference from his Super-Dimensional Slug to ensure his victorious return to the Danger Cage.

thumb3Musical Tribute to Silver Potato

Kaiju's first ever live musical tribute was a smashing success musically as j-pop superstar Chikako wowed the crowd with her performance of the chart-topping Potato tribute, "Peel Me Now". Unfortunately the tribute was also a smashing success for Dr. Cube's Posse, as they used the cover of giant, tree-man Marutambo to sneak into the ring, distract Los Plantanos, and deliver a devastating beating to the wheelchair-bound tuber-man.

thumb4Battel 3: Kaiju Kidnap Caper
Slo Feng defeated Gomi-man

Kidnapped by Dr. Cube in the days leading up to the Battel, Slo Feng was freed from Dr. Cube's clutches early in the evening by the newest Kaiju Hero, Neo Teppin. Soon an unsanctioned Battel broke out in the alley behind the Warsaw between the two Heroes and a horde of Minions and Gomi-man. As the crowd watched the mayhem on the Kaiju Battel-trons things looked bleak for the outnumbered Heroes... until Slo Feng used his mystical hammer to regain his power and chase Gomi-man from the alley, right into the Danger Cage. There the two traded the advantage until Slo Feng used a metal garbage can and a vat of toxic waste to give the trash monster a taste of his own medicine.

thumb5Battel 4: Kaiju Championship Belt Contest
Hell Monkey Defeated Unibouzu

Unibouzu never recognized Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle's right to challenge Hell Monkey for the Kaiju Championship Belt. So it came as no great surprise when instead of the killer can marching to the ring, it was Unibouzu, holding Soup's limp body in hand, who emerged from the curtains at Warsaw. What did come as a surprise was the fight Hell Monkey put up. After two straight weak Battel performances, Monkey seemed physically and mentally prepared and unfazed by the change in opponent. In fact, the two Batteled to a near stalemate, with the advantage only shifting when mysterious new Cube creation, The Grudyin, and Call-Me-Kevin interfered. In the end it took a floor-collapsing fall from the top of the Danger Cage to give the victory to Hell Monkey and Dr. Cube's Posse.