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Kaiju Big Battel
Commissioner Cube

New Commish!?


In what may be the beginning of the end for Kaiju Big Battel as we know it, Dr. Cube has won the KRC election for the Commissioner position. After the controversial deciding vote was cast this past Saturday in San Diego by none other than Kaiju Senior Official Jingi, Kaiju fans everywhere are stunned by the news (first reported to Kaiju Big Battel Facebook members) coming out of what was otherwise still a very newsworthy show.

The shocking revelation came from Jingi after Cube traded the referee's deciding vote for amnesty in the case of the previous murdered Commissioner. Did Jingi actually murder the Kaiju Commissioner? We may never know! Now, however, we have a bigger problem on our hands, as Kaiju Big Battel is now run by the most evil man on the planet. What's next for Kaiju Big Battel? We can only ask you to stay tuned to find out, because we're just as scared as you are!

In the meantime, check out the brand new "Welcome To San Diego, Now Kiss It Goodbye" Commentary for last weekend's exciting Battel, for all the scoops on the matches, the results, and all the news in between that we're still trying to sort out.

Metal Wing Black Lacks Restraint

Last weekend's show got off to a surprising start, as Metal Wing Black defeated D.W. Cycloptopuss III quite soundly, but the result wasn't surprising so much as the events taking place after the match. Rather than celebrate his victory with the San Diego fans and hit the showers, Metal Wing proceeded to pull off his shoe and started beating Cycloptopuss over the head mercilessly with it. Metal Wing climbed the top rope and threatened to hit the Sea Amigo with a devastating flying headbutt, but was eventually calmed down and escorted out of the Big Ring.

Some have surveyed the footage of the show found online and pointed to the moment when Cycloptopuss appeared to try and hurk up Metal Wing for a D.W. Driver, a maneuver that was banned many years ago by the previous Kaiju Commissioner, until Metal Wing was able to escape and avoid serious injury. Some theorize that Cycloptopuss, evidently willing to do anything to win, may have angered Metal Wing Black at that point, and perhaps paid the price after the match. Whether Metal Wing Black was justified in his anger is one thing, but Kaiju Heroes can not go berserk like this. One expert says Metal Wing may need a little bit of anger management counseling before his next Fighto.

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Who is Paco Plantain?

Were it not for Dr. Cube's ascension to the Commissioner's chair, the most shocking development of last weekend may have been the arrival of Paco Plantain to help out Pedro in his fight against the Iron Bros. Not much is known about Paco, and attempts to even locate a decent-quality photo of him from the event are coming up dry. As of this moment, we here at Kaiju.com don't even know how he's related to Pedro; are they brothers, like Pablo? And speaking of which, where is Zombie Pablo? What is the future for him? We'll try to get to the bottom of this, but in the mean time, let's celebrate that Los Platanos appear to be back for the long haul!

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