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Kaiju Big Battel

Too Much for One Thumbnail to Handle!

San Diego Show Title, Art Unveiled

We know you're still giddy over our announcement earlier this week about our upcoming live Battel in San Diego. But surely you didn't think we'd call it something lame like "Kaiju Big Battel Live in San Diego", did you? Of course not! So get a load of this. Kaiju Big Battel: Welcome to San Diego, Now Kiss It Goodbye! Pretty awesome, right? Just rolls off the tongue. We bet you want to go ahead and buy tickets right now. But guess what? You can't! Because this show is FREE! So now you have no excuse to miss it.

Perhaps even more amazing than the title of the show is the new show art. Check it out. Is that rad or what? Yes, it's safe to assume that we have it all figured out here at Kaiju.com. Except who's going to be fighting; we have no idea yet, but keep an eye out, because some things may become more evident in the coming days ahead.

Kaiju Big Battel: Welcome to San Diego, Now Kiss it Goodbye!
Saturday, July 25th, 9 PM
Wonderhaus, 131 14th Street
Free Admission, All Ages
RSVP: info@villain-llc.com

Commissioner Announcement Expected in San Diego

Before last month's All Out War 2, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Dr. Cube was going to win the Commissioner's position. But after an attempted victory speech was thwarted by American Beetle and Powa Ranjuru, Cube left Philadelphia with his tail between his legs and his pride just a little damaged. What remains to be seen is whether that display may have cost him some votes in the race for the Commissioner's seat.

Although it is heavily suspected that Cube bought off many members of the Kaiju Regulatory Commission for his votes, there has been increasing speculation that some KRC members may have chosen to vote for Cube on his own accord, citing his ability to get things done, his ruthless determination, and his deep, deep pockets, which may or may not also just be influencing their opinion. In many ways, Cube shares these traits with the man who may have been his most hated rival, the former Kaiju Commissioner. Do these shared qualities actually make the nefarious Cube a legitimate Commissioner candidate?

That question will seemingly be answered at San Diego, as sources say the Commission will arrive at their final decision in time for the show, and announce it live to the San Diego crowd. Did the Heroes' last stand in Philly cost Cube the Commissioner's seat? Or is a Cube Commish run as inevitable as we all think it is? There will be only one place to find out!

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Pedro Refuses to Pay Iron Bros

In a story that may have huge implications moving forward, former Kaiju Hero Pedro Plantain has decided to stop paying his monthly installments towards the Iron Bros for kidnapping and killing Silver Potato almost two years ago. You may recall, at More Better Fighto in 2007, Pedro exacted revenge upon the brainwashed Silver Potato for murdering his brother Pablo by hiring the Iron Bros to kidnap the former Hero and feed him to the Zombie Plantain.

Since then, however, Pedro has been kicked out of the Heroes for associating with the Iron Bros, and while he managed to avenge his brother a small bit more by utterly demolishing The Grudyin at Shpadoinkelmania VII, the Rogue life for Pedro has been a rough one. Although Pedro still has some friends within the Kaiju Heroes, it remains to be seen whether the new Commissioner, Cube or otherwise, will ever let Pedro back in to the group he belongs in.

In what appears to be the first step towards admitting he made a mistake, Pedro has decided to stop making his monthly payments to the Iron Bros (fees totalled over $500,000 across eight years), and instead will donate the money to charity every month. While one could argue that Pedro was justified in seeking revenge for his brother, no one can dispute that Pedro seems to be genuine about his desire to smooth things over with the KRC and rejoin the Heroes. Needless to say, however, the Iron Bros won't be particularly happy about it.

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