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Kaiju Big Battel
Comic Con Carnage

Comic Con Carnage!

Breaking: Kaiju to Invade San Diego Comic Con with Live Battel!

We know you're still trying to process all the amazing action from last month's Battel, but get ready, because Kaiju's coming back for more! And this time, the east coast can't handle the power of Kaiju Big Battel, because in just three short weeks, Kaiju will invade San Diego Comic Con with a double dose of monster madness!

First, all throughout Comic Con, Kaiju will be in attendance with their legendary convention table, where anything can (and will) happen. But secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, Kaiju Big Battel will be hosting a live battel right next door on Saturday night!

So right now you're thinking, "Okay, so a live Battel at San Diego Comic Con? Where can I get tickets? Why, I'd be willing to pay up to $2,500 to see that!" But here's the kicker. We're not going to tell you how to buy tickets, because this event will be FREE ADMISSION. Yes, you read that correctly. This Kaiju Big Battel live event will be 100% free of charge. You don't even have to get a pass to the convention!

Are we crazy? Certainly. But that's why we're Kaiju Big Battel. And if you come to San Diego on July 25th, you're going to experience the craziness of a live Big Battel for yourself. So what's the show gonna be called? What does the poster look like? And who's gonna fight? Well, you'll just have to keep checking back here at Kaiju.com to find out as more details arrive!

Kaiju Big Battel Live in San Diego
Saturday, July 25th, 9 PM
Wonderhaus, 131 14th Street
Free Admission, All Ages
RSVP: info@villain-llc.com

Uchu's Sabbatical Wears Thin on Yarsminko

Since Kaiju in 3-D earlier this year, Uchu Chu has been in a rough spot. The Space Bug leader was moments away from recapturing the Kaiju Championship and the Baby Sky Deviler until the combined interference of Kung Fu Chicken Noodle Soup, Powa Ranjuru, Dr. Cube and hundreds of his minions put a crashing halt to any hopes of victory over Neo Teppen. Not to mention, the match was specifically stated to be the final title match Uchu would ever get against Teppen, so the missed opportunity was undoubtedly an even greater pill to swallow.

After leaving the Warsaw with nothing except a curse from the Chinese Pagoda of the Twelve Golden Monkeys, Uchu seemingly disappeared into thin air. While we can only assume Uchu Chu is safe, the lack of contact has to be a cause of concern for Team Space Bug and their fans. In Uchu's absence, his college drinking buddy Yarsminko has become just a little frustrated.

"Sure, he's a good fighter, but like, what kind of leader just up and leaves like that?" said Yarsminko. "I think I've proven to be a pretty chill leader myself. I order pizza for all the Swarm on Wednesday nights, and on Friday we all go play Ultimate with my bros Murph and Sully." Yars says he welcomes Uchu's return, whenever that may be, but isn't in any rush to give back the captain's chair. "Why would I just give it up to him again? So he can just walk out again? He's gotta prove to me that he deserves it, buddaayy!"

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Metal Wing Black a Heavy Metal Hit

While last month's Battel was an overall positive experience for the Kaiju Heroes, we're not going to lie; things are looking pretty bleak for our heroic friends. With Dr. Cube only a vote away from the Commissioner chair, heroes like Slo Feng and Tadd Bradley nowhere to be seen in recent months due to financial problems, and seemingly everyone feuding with the arrogant French Toast over something or another, the Heroes' success at All Out War 2 seemed to be a rare twist of good luck for the Heroes.

But perhaps temporarily overshadowed by Cube's inevitable victory and the discovery of the Golden Treasure was the debut of Kaiju's newest Hero, Metal Wing Black. Formerly the Hero Intern '08, Metal Wing Black sent the Philadelphia crowd on a rocket ride of excitement, defeating Giii the Space Pirate with his high-powered, strong-style offense.

But the Hero also showed a little bit of an aggressive side as well, not afraid to use weapons, buildings and even a profane hand gesture (Reminding Giii he was #1) on his opponent. Kaiju Heroes are supposed to be fine, upstanding citizens, and while Metal Wing Black hasn't shown himself to be anything other a valiant hero, his attitude may become a question in the coming months and years ahead. That all being said, Metal Wing Black eagerly awaits his next opportunity to blast into action. Will it be in San Diego? Stay tuned!

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