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Kaiju Big Battel

Stay Classy, San Diego

Dino Kang Jr. To Get Title Shot in San Diego

After winning the RoBox Robolimination Rumble in Brooklyn and the RoBox Double Danger Robo Lottery last month in Philly, Dino Kang Jr. has been on a heck of a hot streak lately. Since Dino Kang Jr. has won RoBox's last two tailor-made matches, RoBox has seen fit to award the adorable monster with a title shot against Neo Teppen. Can Dino Kang Jr. shock the world once again? Or will the year-long Kaiju Championship reign of Neo Teppen continue?

Kaiju Big Battel: Welcome to San Diego, Now Kiss it Goodbye!
Saturday, July 25th, 9 PM
Wonderhaus, 131 14th Street
Free Admission, All Ages
RSVP: info@villain-llc.com

Comic Con Carnage!

Kaiju Big Battel is coming to San Diego for a live Battel on Saturday night, but that's not the only thing to do in town this weekend. It's San Diego Comic Con, the biggest con in the universe! And wouldn't you know, Kaiju is invading the Comic Con too, in Booth #5038.

Over the course of this weekend, Kaiju's booth will be rocking all night and partying every day with appearances by monsters and Louden Noxious, plus some Comic-Con exclusive shirts, toys and other goodies. Saturday night's Kaiju show is free, but if you're in town, you might as well get yourself a ticket to Comic Con as well and explore the amazing Kaiju booth. That is, if it's not sold out already!

Sun Buster Challenges Giii

Last month in Philadelphia, Metal Wing Black was victorious over Giii the Space Pirate, but Giii's first mate Sekmet made his presence felt and knocked out Kaiju's newest Hero. Sun Buster made his way to the ring for the save, and almost knocked the Monolithic Marauder off his feet, but Giii managed to save Sekmet by knocking Sun Buster off the top rope.

Sun Buster was okay afterwards, but still just a little peeved about letting Sekmet free without just a little punishment for ruining Metal Wing Black's debut victory celebration. But Sun Buster knows that a fight with Sekmet means he'll have to deal with Giii as well, and instead has decided to take on the Space Pirate first to get him out of the way. Can anyone stop Sun Buster's road to redemption?

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Dai Hachi Hachi Wants One More Chance

Ever since being kicked out of Team Space Bug last year, Dai Hachi Hachi has been looking for a home. But after facing Dusto Bunny in New York, DHH has been obsessed with trying to join the Yokosuka Jump Squadron. After attempting to help out the team during the Battel in Brooklyn and Kaiju in 3-D, the creepy crawler has proven to be nothing more than a nuisance, albeit with good intentions.

After winning the Double Danger Tandem Titles, however, Dusto Bunny is willing to listen to offers for help, especially with Super Wrong on the sidelines after his injuries at the hands of the Furious Furries. While Dai Hachi Hachi has never won a match, Dusto appreciates the effort, and will give the bumbling bee one final chance to join the team in San Diego. Will the change in coasts lead to a change of fortune for Dai Hachi Hachi?

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